September 27, 2022

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5 Small Habits That Have a Big Impact in Life

Everyone always wants to be better every day. It aims to achieve dreams and also improve self-quality. One of them is by applying good habits to get to the goals that have been set.

Unfortunately there are still many people who fail because they are too focused on big things. In fact, to achieve big goals, you can start by implementing small things but having a big impact.

Here are 5 small habits that have a big impact in life that have been summarized from the YouTube channel Better Than Yesterday.

1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for

There are certain moments in life that make us grateful, both big and small. These things need to be written down as a reminder for us in the future when we are down. That way we will have positive feelings because we have days for which we are grateful.

2. Refuse once in a while

Often we receive various things from other people in the form of invitations or requests because we feel bad to refuse. Even though it is perfectly legal to refuse other people’s invitations or requests if we really don’t want to do it or can’t afford it.

When we fulfill everything that comes our way, we will never have time for ourselves. It would be better if we share time for others while still paying attention to time for ourselves.

3. Exercise even if it’s only 1 minute

Exercise is one of the important things to keep the body healthy. But often we don’t have time to exercise because of the busyness we have. Therefore, take 1 minute every day for exercise.

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You don’t have to do strenuous exercise, you can stretch your muscles after waking up for 1 minute every day.

4. Experience investment

Often we hear the term “experience is the best teacher”. This is true because through various experiences we can learn many things and will live a better life.

Therefore, invest more in experience, not only in goods. For example, pursue a hobby, learn a new skill, or go exploring.

5. Organizing the house

Having a house, we should also be good at arranging it in such a way as to make us comfortable in carrying out various activities. Get used to arrange the existing space in the house according to its function.

Separate the place to work with the place for bremain and so on. In addition, if necessary, get rid of some things that are not needed for our own convenience.

Those are 5 small habits that have a big impact on our lives. How? It’s so easy isn’t it? May be useful.