September 27, 2022

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5 Skills You Must Master If You Want To Apply To Be A Secretary

There are some people who are more comfortable working in the field, there are others who prefer to work behind a desk. One of the most sought after professions by those who like to work behind a desk is secretary.

So, so that your job application is quickly accepted, you should identify what skills are needed to become a good secretary. Let’s see!

1. Have communication skills

Although the secretary’s duties are related to administrative aspects, you are also required to be able to communicate well, you know. Generally, the secretary acts as an intermediary between superiors and interested parties.

There are times when you have to represent the leader himself. So, it’s troublesome if you don’t have good speaking skills.

Not infrequently you also need to calm the client or leadership if something unpleasant or unexpected happens. It takes skill in communication, you know, to be able to do it.

2. Have attitude the good one

What you do can reflect the condition of the company or what the boss’s personality is like. If you have attitude the good one. When talking to other people, always be polite indiscriminately, always maintain a friendly attitude, then this good behavior can boost the reputation of the company or superiors.

On the other hand, if your attitude is rude, and you underestimate other people, this can make the credibility of the company or superiors who underestimate you.hire-mu questioned.

3. Writing ability

The duties of a secretary in each company can indeed be different. However, there is one general thing to do with regard to correspondence. And it requires accuracy, you know.

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If you are original in writing letters, for example, you make a lot of mistakes when, this can damage the company’s image. The company is considered to have hired people who are less credible.

4. Initiative

Usually one of the secretary’s duties is to arrange the supervisor’s activity schedule. This also requires high initiative. Bosses will be complicated if all things must be instructed. There should be a secretary who can make his work easier, so it’s even more difficult.

5. Can speak English

Usually the secretary has to interact with various clients or partners from various circles. Some of them are from abroad. That’s why, at least you can master English. If you can master more foreign languages, it will be a plus in itself.

How about it, from skills which ones have you mastered? Always eager to learn, yes!