December 6, 2022

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5 Simple Ways to Make You More Appreciated by Others

As social beings, every human being certainly needs the role of others to carry out his life. Every human being will help each other so that brotherly relations remain good. But what happens if our good actions towards others are not appreciated?

Borrowing narration from Henry Manampiring, the author of the book mega best sellerTeras Philosophy, that the actions of others towards us are not under our control (control dichotomy).

The point is, the most important thing is that we have done good to others. It’s their business to repay our good deeds or not, it’s back to them. After all, it has absolutely no effect on us (indifferent).

However, as a human, there must always be a sense of wanting to be appreciated. Every human being always wants to be considered there. That is a very natural thing considering humans have their own selfish nature.

There are many ways that we can be more appreciated by others. Being respected here doesn’t mean we are snobby. However, we deserve it if we treat others well beyond that person’s final decision to respect us or not.

At least there are several ways that we can do to be polite so that other people will appreciate it more. Here’s a simple way you can do it.

1. Don’t interrupt other people

The first thing you can do to be more appreciated by others is not to interrupt other people’s conversations from time to time. Let them finish what they want to say first.

Only then can you talk to him. Also avoid greeting or calling people who are having a conversation on the phone. This simple thing makes us polite and will certainly be appreciated by others.

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2. Don’t disturb people who are eating

Who wants to be disturbed while eating? I guarantee you, almost everyone will not like to be disturbed when they are eating, especially when they are having a good time.

In addition to reducing the person’s appetite, also worrying that the person will choke, of course disturbing people who are eating is not a commendable trait. If we really have something urgent that needs to be said, wait for the person to finish the meal.

3. Don’t ask privacy questions to people who are not too close

Everyone certainly has personal or privacy things that other people don’t need to know. In fact, it is possible that their families do not know the privacy that is being guarded.

Moreover, if we are not too close to certain people, it would be nice if we don’t pry too much into sensitive privacy questions. Such as asking about status, salary, education, and other privacy matters that do not need to be asked.

4. Accept other people’s gifts even though we don’t like them

One of the simple things that make us qualified is to accept other people’s gifts in any form. Even if we are more capable or we don’t like the gift from that person, at least we still appreciate it by accepting the gift with gratitude.

Do not let us refuse or even comment badly on the gift. Of course, people will be happy if the gift is received with joy.

5. Finish the meal from the host while visiting

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Visiting is one of the activities of friendship that is easy and difficult. Visiting will be easy if we can maintain good karma.

On the other hand, visiting will be difficult if we behave properly at home. By visiting, one’s character will be known.

If the host serves food, it would be nice if we eat the food until it runs out. Every host will certainly be very happy if their guests eat their dishes until there is nothing left.

Those are five simple things we can do to maintain our quality so that we can always be appreciated by others. As the saying goes, if we want to be respected by others, then we must respect others first.