August 18, 2022

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5 Signs You’re a Thinking K-Pop Fan

Are you a K-Pop fan? Which K-Pop idol do you like? Is it BLACKPINK, BTS, or TWICE? Is it EXO or NCT? Whoever K-Pop idols you like, you should always be a mature-minded fan.

Do you know the characteristics of mature-minded K-Pop fans? Immediately take a look at the 5 characteristics that indicate that you are a mature-minded K-Pop fan below:

1. Knowing Financial Priorities

A fan or fan must feel very interested in buying merchandise, especially original ones from the agency that houses the K-Pop idols he likes. Merchandise can be in the form of albums, lightsticks, photocards, and others.

Actually it’s okay for you to buy these merchandise, but if you are a mature-minded fan you will definitely buy these things as needed. Mature fans will know how to manage your money based on priority needs.

2. Not Neglecting Obligations

Everyone has obligations. A student must learn. It is the duty of a worker to complete his work professionally. If you’re a mature fan, you definitely won’t fangirling and fanboy all day to neglect your daily obligations.

3. Don’t Waste Time

A fan definitely wants to watch his idol all day long. If the album is about to come out, you will often go back and forth to social media to see the latest news about the album. If the idol is live on ig, you’ll want to watch it to the end even if you don’t understand the language.

The hallmark that you are a mature-minded fan is that you don’t waste time by spending all the minutes watching the idol. Mature fans must have limits regarding the reasonable length of time for him to watch his idol.

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4. Not Easily Emotions

Sometimes on social media there are people who vilify certain K-Pop idols to ignite the emotions of their fans. Or worse, spreading hoaxes regarding these K-Pop idols.

If you are an adult fan you will not easily get emotional with this action. Mature fans will stay calm and just click’report‘ or just ‘report’ is done, without having to comment on it further.

5. Respect Other People’s Opinions

The fifth characteristic that indicates that you are a mature fan is that you respect other people’s opinions. Mature fans will certainly accept or at least allow others to criticize their idols fairly.

Even if the idol is vilified, mature fans will respond accordingly. Because, no matter what he defends and shows the kindness of his idol, whose name is haters will still hate. So, he understands that arguing about his idol with haters will just waste time.

How? Do the five characteristics above exist in you? If not, try to know more about your life priorities and be open with other people. Make it an activity fangirling and fanboy as your motivation and entertainment, without having to neglect your future priorities.