May 30, 2023

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5 Signs your crush is fascinated by you, always by your side

Gebetan, who else has a crush? Your crush is someone you secretly like. Maybe someday, you will also hope your crush knows how you feel. It could be that he reciprocates your feelings and becomes your partner in the future.

Before going that far, you have to make sure or know what’s in your crush’s heart. You can see signs that your crush has feelings for you or is in awe of you.

Here are signs your crush is fascinated by you.

1. Often hang out with you

One common sign that a guy really likes you is wanting to spend time with you.

He will always find a way to get along with you. Sometimes, he’ll even invite your friends over just to make sure that you’re going out together.

2. Always sit or be close to you

Have you noticed how often he is near you? Even if you are with your friends, he likes to sit, stand, or walk around you.

3. Automatically accepts invitations from you

He will definitely be there whenever you invite him to a get-together or hang out. He always responds positively to your invitations because he sees it as an opportunity to be with you.

Also, he doesn’t want to let you down, so he’s willing to sacrifice his other activities to be with you.

4. He joins the group whenever you are around

If he’s an introvert, he’s most likely not interested in being with a few people. Hence, it is his expectation to avoid group activities most of the time.

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However, if you have observed that he goes out with you and your friends, you have to wonder why. The answer becomes clearer if he doesn’t join friends when you don’t.

5. He can chat with you for a long time

Does it seem like he likes to jump in when you’re talking to other people? If he likes talking to you about anything and everything for a long time, trust me he’s in love with you. He wouldn’t think of talking for hours as a waste of time.

The signs above could be a sign that your crush has been fascinated by you. If you have feelings for it too, it never hurts to express it. Good luck.