July 2, 2022


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5 Signs your crush is dangerous, watch out for later relationships to be toxic!

Not a few who had hoped to be happy with their partner, it turned out that reality said otherwise. Love relationships are not fun, they make you uncomfortable. This is the reason why you have to be sensitive to the character of your partner, and it can be recognized since you just became a crush.

Then, what are the signs of a dangerous crush because it can lead to a toxic love relationship? The following will be explained further. Listen, yes!

1. Temperament

Be careful with your crush’s temperament, because this attitude can indicate that he can’t control his anger. People who find it difficult to control their anger will usually involve you in a violent relationship. Not only verbal violence, but also physical violence.

2. Too jealous

The next dangerous crush behavior, is too jealous. How do I find out? Pay attention, does he often check your activities, or when you go out with friends or others his face looks sour? Well, it can indicate that he is easily jealous.

3. Too controlling

Another hallmark of toxic behavior in relationships, is control freaks. People like this treat their partners like property. So, you must always obey his will, and that’s what makes the relationship so tormented.

If you are determined to be with a crush like this, chances are that later the relationship will not be happy. All aspects of your life must be according to his will. Sure, want to live like that?

4. Manipulative

Manipulative partners generally don’t care whether their actions will hurt you or not. As long as the goal is achieved, he will do anything.

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You should be wary of crushes who like to lie. That alone is actually a ‘red light’ if his personality is problematic. People who like to lie are usually manipulative too, you know.

5. Can’t respect other people

In a love relationship there must be mutual respect if you want the romance to last long. Therefore, don’t be fascinated by a partner who has proven to be unable to respect others, for example, belittling the waiter because they are considered to have a lower status.

Disrespectful behavior can reflect the true character, you know. Don’t be surprised if he will act the same way later when his feelings of interest in you have started to erode.

Those are some of the characteristics of a crush that should be avoided. Dangerous for your mental health!