October 1, 2022


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5 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox, Likes to Compare with Others

Social media was created with the aim of making it easier for us to interact and communicate with other people. With the presence of social media, we will easily be able to find out about the news or news moments uploaded by others.

However, in addition to providing these positive impacts, social media can also have a negative impact if users are not wise in using social media.

The use of social media that is not wise can make someone compare their own achievements with others. In addition, the unwise use of social media can also make a person unproductive.

Given these negative impacts, the thing that is considered necessary is to do detox social media. Detox social media is to limit the use of social media. Detox social media is considered necessary, because detox Social media can prevent us from various negative impacts that may be caused by social media.

Here are some signs that you are starting to have to do it detox social media.

Sad illustration (Pexels.com/Masha Raymers)

On social media, people tend to present the best image of themselves. People are less likely to post about their failures.

Instead, they will upload their achievements that have been achieved, such as working in a good place, shopping at mall, eat at restaurant luxury, successfully completing education at prestigious universities, to vacations to beautiful destinations.

By looking at these various achievements, humans sometimes like to compare the achievements of others with their own. Starting to feel insecure and feeling left behind by others.

If you have a feeling of comparing yourself to others like that, then that’s proof that you should start detox social media, because it’s not good for your mental health.

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2. Likes to share too much about personal things

Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Marcelo Chagas)
Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Marcelo Chagas)

If you are the type of person who is easy oversharing regarding personal matters, then it is also a sign that you should start detox social media.

Oversharing is a habit that can be said to be bad, because it will be easy for you to share personal things that other people shouldn’t know. With oversharing, then your privacy is no longer maintained.

3. Always depend on gadgets and become unproductive

Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Engin Akyurt)
Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Engin Akyurt)

The existence of social media has also changed our lives. With the existence of social media, many people are afraid of missing something or what can be called fear of missing out (FOMO). The existence of FOMO will make a person unable to linger without holding cell phone.

As a result, sometimes humans become unproductive, because most of their time is used for things that are less useful.

4. Can’t stand it when you don’t post what you’re doing

Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Anna Shvets)
Illustration of a woman (Pexels.com/Anna Shvets)

People with social media addiction will feel unbearable if everything is not controlled.upload on social media. Everyone should know what he’s doing.

People who are addicted to social media will also feel that something is missing if they don’t upload what they are doing.

5. Ignoring family and friends in real life

Illustration of playing gadgets (Pexels.com/Roman Odintsov)
Illustration of playing gadgets (Pexels.com/Roman Odintsov)

People with social media addiction will only focus on gadgets they. When gathering with family, they can’t be separated from the screen cell phone-his. Likewise when with friends, they will always hold cell phone-his.

This attitude will actually make the quality of the communication built to be of less quality, because the communication carried out will tend to be one-way communication.

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Those were some signs that you are starting to need to detox social media. How, are you ready for detox social media?