August 18, 2022

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5 Signs You Have Inferiority Complex, Feeling Others Are Better!

Inferiority complex is a term that is usually intended for people who have a negative self-image so that they have low self-esteem. Feeling that other people are always better or superior to him. In fact, the reality is often contrary to this thought.

Of course this can be bad for life. People who experience inferiority complex so often feel unhappy.

Then, what are the signs? To find out more, keep reading the discussion below, yes.

1. Communication goes one way

In healthy communication, it should be two-way. Each has a balanced turn as a listener or speaker.

However, due to feelings of inferiority, you are always on the side of the listener. You are not confident to express your own topic or opinion in front of other people. Feeling that your views are not cool, your speech is not weighty, or other negative thoughts.

2. When talking do not make eye contact

Indeed, there are those who find it difficult to make eye contact when talking because they feel uncomfortable. However, there are also those who do not make eye contact due to feelings of inferiority experienced.

3. Not excited

People who have high self-confidence can usually be seen from their enthusiastic appearance. Conversely, people who feel inferior often appear lethargic or unmotivated.

4. Doesn’t like to blend in

To blend in takes courage, courage to introduce oneself, courage to have conversations and express personal opinions, and that will only happen to someone who has mindset if everyone is equal. Unfortunately, people who feel inferior do not have that perspective.

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Feeling inferior or not as good as the people around you often make you dislike mingling and prefer to spend time alone. This will make you more vulnerable to loneliness, you know.

5. Thirst for recognition

As a result of a negative self-image, you become thirsty for recognition. You are not confident in your own judgment. Everything always asks for other people’s views. In fact, you actually have the right and ability, you know, to make your own decisions, so you don’t need to seek validation from others.

How about you, do you have any of these signs? Better fix it right away, yes, and stop thinking that other people are always better. Each of us has been gifted by God with various advantages, you know.