December 6, 2022

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5 Signs You Are Suitable To Be A Writer, Are You Aware?

Often we do not realize the potential that exists within us, what is actually the initial provision, because we are not aware of it, we can only become able. Maybe you have the potential to become a writer, but you never realize this.

So how do we know that we actually have the potential to become a writer? Here are the signs.

1. Know Various Things

Are you the type of person who knows all kinds of things? Even if you just know, this can be a sign that you are suitable to be a writer. For example, a novelist, of course he must know about the world of sports, education, food, or anything that will be related to the character.

2. Like Kepo

Besides knowing many things, another sign that you are suitable as a writer is being curious or having a high curiosity. A writer always wants to know many things to be stored in his memory and someday poured into his writings. It is this experience that becomes valuable for a writer.

3. Want to Share What You Know

Sometimes when we know a unique fact, we really want to share it with others so that they know that fact too. A writer, whether a novelist or an article writer, usually wants people to know what he or she knows or feels. Therefore, it is not uncommon for novels to tell the true story of the author.

4. Likes to Express Feelings with Writing

A writer must definitely like to write or express what he feels through writing. This habit if you continue to hone it will make you a professional writer, so whatever writing you make try to make it as good as possible and don’t forget to publish it.

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5. Likes to Read

Still related to the above characteristics, namely being curious, reading is one of the means to vent our curiosity about something. And a writer, of course, is someone who likes to read. To make an article, it would be difficult if you never read.

Those are 5 signs that you are suitable to be a writer, so are you included or not?