October 6, 2022


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5 Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Friends With You

Humans are social creatures, it is natural to crave friendship and togetherness with others. While making and keeping friends is an important part of your social life and daily life, after a certain age, it can become a little difficult to find like-minded people who are willing to share their joys, fears, happiness and worries with you.

This may explain why finding someone who seems to have a genuine interest in spending some leisure time with you can sometimes lead to over-excitement. This excitement can in some unintentional way, blind you to someone’s true intentions when dealing with you.

If you meet someone new, or have a friend that you already consider a true friend, there are times when you have to think about whether they see you the same way you see them.

To help you identify true friends rather than acquaintances, this article will share signs of someone who has no intention of being friends with you.

1. You always start the conversation first

While there’s no denying that our day-to-day lives can get very hectic, this may be a sign that your friend isn’t being sincere and just has to be friends with you.

Think about who started the conversation. When you think things through and find that 9 out of 10 times you are the one starting the conversation, that person probably doesn’t think of you as their friend.

2. They don’t respond enthusiastically when you greet them

With a greeting, someone can send a signal that they are not interested in a personal relationship with you by limiting the responses they give during your interactions. If this is the case, we may find that they give one-word responses to questions, or have no real enthusiasm when they hear what you have to say.

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Not that people should jump for joy when they hear your greeting, but friendship is a two-way street. If someone always sounds like they’d rather do something different than respond to you, this is a sign they may not be very interested in friendship.

3. They tend to be formal and limited when they talk to you

You can tell that someone has very little interest in being more than an acquaintance by examining how they talk to you. A friend may use casual language, share a few jokes, or interact in a lighthearted way. Someone who doesn’t think of you as a friend may sound more formal or formal, giving a truncated response when you meet them.

4. They avoid meetings and like to cancel plans

A painful way to identify someone who isn’t interested in friendship is how few moments you get to meet them.

After going to the trouble of inviting them to bukber, study together, or other events, there is always a reason to explain why they can’t attend on the appointed day. In worse cases, they may agree to meet with you only to cancel for the day through some means of delay.

5. They only talk about the things they like

There are special cases where a person might look very friendly, responding to calls, and agreeing to meetings, but depending on the topic covered by the interaction. Usually when it’s related to their interests and passions, they’ll be eager to talk about it, but don’t appear to want to respond to topics that aren’t related to them.

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When you find it difficult to contribute anything to the conversation because your friends are constantly talking about what they like, it could mean that they only see you as a responder and care less about what might be going on in your life.

Well, those are the five characteristics of someone who is not serious about being friends with you. Anyone have the five characteristics above?