August 14, 2022

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5 Recommended Snack Creations from Delicious and Delicious Dumpling Skin

Dumpling skin is a preparation made from a mixture of wheat flour kneaded with eggs and water. With a wide and thin size, you can really process this dumpling skin into a variety of foods such as dumplings, dimsum, martabak, and batagor.

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can process it by frying it normally and then seasoning it with instant spices (sowing) or you can make your own spices according to your taste.

Here are some recommendations for processed dumpling skins whose ingredients and how to make them are very simple and easy. You can try all of the dumpling skin processed recommendations below, you know, and the taste is guaranteed not to make you regret it.

Fried dumpling illustration (Pixabay_Sunday133)

There are many processed creations from dumpling skin that you can make. One of them is fried wonton skin with added stuffing in it. Yep, with the addition of finely spiced chicken fillet stuffing, you will feel the sensation of eating dumpling skin like eating fried meatballs.

These simple fried dumplings will make you addicted and want to keep chewing. You can also add dipping sauce according to your taste, just imagining it already feels droopy.

2. Boiled Dumpling Skin

boiled dumpling illustration (Pixabay/Henryk_Niestroj)
Illustration of boiled dumplings (Pixabay/Henryk_Niestroj)

Not only processed by frying, you can also process this dumpling skin by boiling it in water. Yep, the method is almost the same as making meatballs, the skin of the boiled dumplings that have been cooked are marked by floating on the water.

You can also add chicken fillet stuffing into these boiled dumplings to add a savory and delicious taste.

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3. Dumpling Skin for Dimsum

dimsum illustration (Pexels/Angela_Roma)
Dimsum illustration (Pexels/Angela_Roma)

Almost all people like this one snack. In addition to the delicious taste, how to make this dimsum is also fairly easy.

Yep, you can make dimsum using a simple dumpling skin. You can add minced chicken, minced shrimp and also seasoned carrots as a dimsum filling.

4. Siomay Dumpling Skin

dumpling skin dumpling illustration (Instagram/@diet_yakinnn)
dumpling skin dumpling illustration (Instagram/@diet_yakinnn)

Have you ever experienced the urge to eat dumplings, but are lazy because you have to stand in line? Well, you no longer need to be tired of waiting, because you can make your own simple dumplings made with dumpling skin. You can also fill dumplings with minced chicken mixed with carrots.

5. Dumpling Skin Martabak

illustration of wonton skin martabak (Instagram/@yscooking)
Illustration of wonton skin martabak (Instagram/@yscooking)

If you really want to eat martabak, but are lazy to queue. So, you can make it yourself at home using dumpling skin. You can make a martabak filling using eggs, sausage and scallions.

Well, those were some recommendations for snack creations using dumpling skin, good luck and hopefully useful.