December 1, 2022

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5 Recommended Places for Reading Books, Do You Have Your Favorites?

Of course, for someone who has a hobby of reading books, they will find a suitable and comfortable place for them to read books. Their goal is to find a comfortable place to avoid distractions that can cause them to fail to focus while reading.

The place they are looking for is usually less crowded and quiet. Because by choosing a quiet place, they can enjoy the atmosphere of reading well. They also will not think about the disturbances around them. Here are five recommended places to read books that are suitable for you.

1. Library

The library is indeed one of the most effective places to read books. The library provides various types of books that we can enjoy. In addition, usually in the library there are also rules not to make noise so you don’t have to worry about failing to focus on reading. In addition to using the library at your school or campus, you can also take advantage of the local library where you live.

2. Reading garden

In some areas there are already facilities for reading gardens. Of course, everyone can enjoy these facilities to carry out their hobby of reading. In the reading garden you can find a more relaxed and enjoyable reading atmosphere. So this reading garden is perfect for those of you who like to read in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Cafe

In this millennial era, cafes have become places that are often visited for various purposes, one of which is to be used as a suitable place for reading. Reading accompanied by a glass of warm drink and a plate of cake is indeed quite a pleasant thing. For those of you who want to read in a cafe, then you have to look for a cafe that is not too crowded so you can focus more on reading.

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4. RTH (Green Open Space)

Reading outdoors is one of the choices that are often undertaken by people who like to read books. Reading accompanied by a light breeze and cool air makes us more comfortable in reading, sometimes even the atmosphere makes us fantasize about the fictional story we are reading. Try to find a shady place away from crowds so you can focus on reading.

5. Private room

For those of you who are introverted and don’t really like going out of the house, then the right place for you to read a book is a private room. You can make your bedroom a private room for reading or you can make a special room besides your bedroom. That way you don’t have to bother going out of the house just to read.

Those are five recommended places that are suitable as a place for you to read books. Hopefully after reading this information you can find a suitable place for you to read.