December 2, 2022

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5 Recommendations for Thai Body Swap-themed dramas that you must watch

The land of the white elephant, Thailand, is indeed famous for producing dramas and films with comedy themes. Call it Friendzone (2019), Suckseed (2011), May Who (2015), and Brother of The Year (2019), which must be familiar to Thai comedy fans. One of the themes that is closely related to comedy is Body Swab. The exchange of character souls in the bodies of other characters who are opposite or with a different gender, well, it must be really surprising, right. The unusual storyline and hilarious characters displayed certainly attract the attention of the audience. Then what are the dramas that can be watched? Here are 5 recommendations.

1. Our Sky (2018)

Our Sky (

Played by Gun Atthapan and Off Jumpol, this short drama tells the story of Pick and Rome who switch bodies after a fight at Loi Krathong night. Confused about what happened, they still had to go about their day as usual. Many funny mistakes that churned the stomach of the audience. You can watch this drama on the GMMTV Official Youtube channel on the first episode of Our Sky.

2. Secret Garden (2019)

Secret Garden (
Secret Garden (

Baifern Pimchanok is known as the queen of Thai drama comedy. In the drama Secret Garden which was adapted from the drama with the same title produced by Ginseng Country, Baifern who played the character Veena was paired with Ananda Everigharm as Thanat. Tells the story of Thanat who is an arrogant CEO, swaps bodies with Veena the humble Stuntman. This 20-episode drama can be watched on Netflix.

3. Great Men Academy (2019)

Great Man Academy (
Great Man Academy (

Want to watch a comedy drama as well as wash your eyes? Great Men Academy can be your entertainment choice. Played by members of the boy group from Thailand 9 x 9 (Nine by Nine) such as James Teeradon, Ice Paris, Jayler, Captain, Porsche, Third, Jackie, and many other supporting actors who took part in the drama Great Men Academy. Tells the story of Love (New Chanyapuk) who likes Vier (Ice Paris) and wants a chance to meet Vier, but fate says otherwise. One day he sees a magical unicorn that can grant wishes, and finally Love turns into a man (James Teeradon) and is able to meet Vier at the Great Men Academy male dormitory. This 8-episode drama can be watched on Netflix.

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4. The Shipper (2020)

The Shipper (
The Shipper (

Starring the young stars of the GMMTV agency, the drama The Shipper is a must enter Watchlist here you are. Tells the story of Pan (Pringkhing Sureeyares) and Soda (Piploy Kanyarat) a pair of friends who often fantasize and match. One of their targets is Kim (First Kanaphan) and Way (Fluke Pusit), friends who are so close that they want Way and Kim’s relationship to be more than just friends. One day they make a mistake and Way is almost expelled from school. Pan feels very guilty, and apologizes to Kim. Kim casually even invites Pan home with him.

Unfortunately, on their way home, they had an accident and were brought by the angel of death. It turned out that the angel of death took the wrong life, and they were returned again but they came back in a different body. Pan realized that he was in Kim’s body. How will the fate of Pan and Kim?

This 12-episode drama is broadcast on the GMMTV Official YouTube channel. The interesting storyline, the comedy side that churns the stomach, and the unexpected plotwist are the main reasons to watch this drama.

5. Cupid’s Last Wish (2022)

Cupid's Last Wish (Instagram/gmmtv)
Cupid’s Last Wish (Instagram/gmmtv)

Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap, who is famous for the drama A Tale Of Thousand Stars, are back in their roles. Apart from them, Jan Ployshompoo and White Nawat also took part in the drama Cupid Last Wish. Tells the story of Win (Mix Sahaphap) and Lin (Jan Ployshompoo) who are brothers and sisters who have just been abandoned by their father. His father’s will states that Korn (Earth Pirapat) who is Win’s friend also gets a share of their farm stock.

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This made Win furious, especially after learning that his younger brother Lin had secretly contacted Korn. As a result, Win and Lin get into an accident and when they wake up Win turns out to be inside Lin’s body. Win and Korn must find water from 4 different temples to return to their original bodies.

Mix Sahaphap and Jan Ployshompoo’s behavior has been successful in making your stomach churn, each episode has an entertaining comedy scene. To watch it, you can visit the GMMTV Official youtube channel.

Those are 5 recommendations for Thai dramas with the theme of body swap. Of the five Thai dramas above, which one is your favourite?