September 26, 2022

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5 Recommendations for Fun Psychological Anime that You Must Watch, Full of Puzzles!

One of the things that makes the audience feel at home following the psychology genre anime story is because the plot makes them drift into the story. The audience’s mind seemed to be toyed with by the storyline. Besides, there are puzzles in the plot that usually happen twist story. Well, for those of you who like psychology genre anime, below are some anime recommendations that have interesting stories. Let’s see the information below.

1. Psycho-Pass

Anime Psycho-Pass [Imdb]

This anime is set in a future where the world has a system called Sibyl. The system measures a person’s likelihood of committing a crime. Sibyl issued a report in the form of figures on the potential crimes that people would commit. The higher the number means the greater the potential to become a criminal.

Those who score high on the Sibyl report are admitted to an institution that suppresses their evil desires. Some of the ‘recovered’ have even become law enforcers. Akane Tsunemori, our protagonist is an inspector stationed in the police criminal investigation division. He leads the pursuit of Shogo Makishima, a criminal who escaped from Sibyl and hid the results of his report.

2. Erased

Anime Erased [sumber: imdb]
Anime Erased [Imdb]

Satoru Fujinuma, our protagonist has a unique power that allows him to return to the past. Well, he was in a difficult situation because he was accused of killing his own mother. He then used this power to prove himself innocent.

From the time travel he did, he also managed to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of his former classmate. While completing a mission to uncover the real killer of his mother, Satoru also discovers the cause of his friend’s disappearance.

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3. Death Note

Anime Death Note [sumber: imdb]
Anime Death Note [Imdb]

In this genre, Death Note is one of the best anime. The story follows Light Yagami who gets a mysterious book. The book has the power to allow Light to kill people without touching them. Light only needs to write the person’s name in a mysterious book called the Death Note.

The Death Note makes Light obsessed with getting rid of other baddies. Using the name Kira, Light performs the act of ‘cleaning up’ the world of criminals indiscriminately. Kira’s actions attract the attention of a smart detective named L. He tries to uncover Kira’s identity and prevent his cruel deeds. A smart fight and L and Kira’s strategy is interesting to follow.

4. Kakegurui

Kakegurui Anime [sumber: imdb]
Kakegurui Anime [Imdb]

The series is set in Hyakkou Academy, it’s an amazing place. This school is a place for high-level gambling and a strategy war arena for its players. Kakegurui performs clever tricks and manipulations that make the audience think about the puzzles in it. For those who are interested in the world of gambling and psychological warfare, you should not miss this one series.

5. Future Diary

Anime Future Diary [sumber: imdb]
Anime Future Diary [Imdb]

Future Diary have a lot plot twist witty that makes the audience astonished. This anime series follows the story of Yukiteru amano, a loner boy who enjoys journaling. The boy didn’t have many friends, but he seemed to enjoy hanging out with his imaginary friend. This friend that he only saw for himself was named the God of Space and Time, Deus Ex Machina. However, this imaginary friend is apparently real. He led Yuki into a dangerous game that almost cost him his life.

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So, those are five psychological anime recommendations that have exciting stories. If you intend to watch it, you should avoid frantic thoughts so that it doesn’t make it more tangled.