September 27, 2022

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5 Reasons You Should Keep Doing Good, Ever Feel It?

Getting good treatment from others is everyone’s dream, even we often do good things to get the same treatment. But sometimes what we do is not reciprocated with the same thing. Often we have done good but received bad in return. This makes us reluctant to return to doing good, for fear of being disappointed.

What we have to do is continue to do good and spread kindness with everyone. Even with people who hurt, disappoint, hurt, and other bad things. Remember the philosophy of crossing the street, when we help people cross the street, maybe when we need help to cross the street it is not the person who will help us. But God will surely send someone who will help us cross the road.

Every kindness will surely be rewarded with kindness, even if it is not the person who repays it. What we sow is what we reap, that must be a consideration so that we always do good with anyone. So that we always become people who have positive energy so that we can transmit that energy to the people around them.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons you should be kind to someone, even if it’s someone who has hurt you.

Here are 5 reasons you should continue to be kind to everyone.

1. Crime Don’t Reply with Evil

For those of you who are thinking of retaliating for the same actions as the people who hurt you. Please review, every good or bad deed must have a reward, there must be a consequence. So if you have thoughts of doing bad deeds like people did to you, then what is the difference between you and him.

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2. Prove You’re a Forgiving Person

The second reason is to prove that you are a forgiving person, because even though you are wronged, hurt but you do not reciprocate, still do good with him, still smile. It signifies that you have an open heart, not a vindictive and a forgiving person.

3. Become a Better Person

When you can control your emotions it means you go up one level to become a better person. You can channel your emotions into more useful things, rather than yelling at people, hurting yourself, slamming things or cursing at people who hurt you. Keep calm and keep thinking positive.

4. Means of Self-Introspection

When you get bad treatment from other people, try to draw a common thread, don’t always blame other people for your problems. But try to introspect yourself, to reminisce about whether you have done the same thing to other people. Make this a thing so that you are introspective, and don’t blame other people.

5. Getting Good Treatment from Others

The last reason why you should always do good is, so that you get good treatment from others. Maybe not that person who will repay your kindness but rest assured one day there will be a sincere person who will help you when you are in trouble.

Those are 5 reasons you should keep doing and spreading kindness towards anyone. Good behavior is not just distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can start small things such as: by spreading a smile, speaking softly and not being rude, not offending other people’s feelings.

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