September 24, 2022

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5 Reasons You Need to Write with Your Heart and Feelings, Very Important!

Some say, working with the heart and feelings will produce good results and make the work feel lighter. Including when we are writing, it is important for writers to write using their heart and feelings, why? Because this will affect the writing process and the results of the writing that will be obtained. Here are five reasons why it’s important to write with your heart and feelings.

1. More Real Stories

Let’s say you’re writing a novel, if you animate it then the writing will have a life and as if it can be felt for real by the reader. You must have read a book that makes you feel that you are still immersed in the story even though you have finished watching it? It could be that the author of the book is very passionate about his writing.

2. Easy to string words

Have you ever had trouble putting words together? This kind of thing is often experienced by writers, let alone writing one article, starting with just one word is sometimes difficult. If you are experiencing this problem, try to write with your heart and feelings, first animate the writing that you will pour. Guaranteed the words will flow by themselves.

3. Easy to Compose Stories

For you writers, have you ever felt that you really love your writing? Because of his love, you are so passionate about compiling the story that you don’t want to end it. Well, try to do the same for all the works you make, love your writing and you will easily arrange the storyline.

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4. Touching the Reader’s Heart

Writing made with heart and feeling is different, it will touch and anesthetize the readers to get lost in your story. It will even continue to be remembered in their memory after a long time of not reading.

5. Heart Feels Relieved and Calm

Writing with your heart and feelings will also make you feel relieved and at the same time calm, the emotions you express in writing will relieve you. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, angry, or something else.

Those are 5 reasons why writing with heart and feeling is important. Good luck!