September 27, 2022

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5 Reasons Why Students Must Use Cloud Storage Technology

The needs of students in the past and today are of course different. You could say, today’s students are much easier to meet their needs. You need a typing tool, you have a laptop, you need a communication tool, you have a smartphone, buy books, just open an online application, you need to save college files, you just need to use what is called a Cloud Storage service.

What is Cloud Storage? Etymologically it can be interpreted as Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage is a technology where you can save important files or data for your lectures to the Internet. Of course, safely and comfortably. It’s safe because you don’t have to worry about being hacked or stolen by irresponsible people. And it’s convenient because you no longer need to rely on flash storage, which is a risk, all of your data can be lost if the flash drive is lost because it was placed carelessly or damaged.

Then why should today’s students take advantage of Cloud Storage technology? Remember, today is not like in the past. Whatever is present in this day and age is much easier to obtain. So, as long as it’s easy to get, then why waste it.

Here are 5 reasons why today’s students should take advantage of what is called Cloud Storage technology:

1. Data Backup Place

One of the main functions of Cloud Storage is to be able to backup data. Some of you must have experienced data loss. Whether it’s your laptop or smartphone that is damaged or stolen, the flash that is lost somewhere and so on. Well, this is where the role of Cloud Storage will be very useful if used.

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Especially for those of you who are students who have files or important lecture data such as thesis revisions or papers, try to use this technology. Because you will not know the fate of your important lecture files or data which can be lost at any time.

If you use it, you don’t have to worry about the risk of losing the file or data because it has been backed up to Cloud Storage. However, if you don’t use Cloud Storage, if your device is suddenly damaged or lost, there is only regret.

2. Keep Files Safe

As mentioned earlier in the opening paragraph of the article, in addition to feeling comfortable, you will also get a sense of security by utilizing this Cloud Storage. You don’t have to worry about the risk that your data uploaded to the Internet will be leaked or stolen.

Because, every Cloud Storage service on the internet, for example Google Drive and others, of course, have a super-sophisticated security system. So it will be difficult to penetrate to steal your important data. Not to mention, any important data or files that you store in a Cloud Storage service, will definitely be encrypted.

3. Access Anywhere and Anytime

Because it is stored on the Internet, it means that if you need the file, you can access it from anywhere and anytime. Plus, you can access it from any device you have. Like your smartphone or laptop.

4. Secondary Storage

When your flash drive or hard drive is lost, it’s not the two items that you worry about, but the data in it that worries you. If it’s just a flash or hard drive, of course you can still buy it back, but not with your important data stored. Moreover, important data is only stored singly without being backed up to Cloud Storage.

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Therefore, Cloud Storage is suitable as secondary storage of files or important lecture data after flash and hard drives. If the flash or hard drive that you have at any time is lost, you can still breathe a sigh of relief because there is still Cloud Storage as a place to back up your files.

5. Easy and Free

Well, this is the most important reason why students should take advantage of Cloud Storage technology. Yep, because it’s easy and free. It’s easy because you only have the internet, you can start backing up your important files to be stored on the internet without having to be complicated.

And it’s free, because every available Cloud Storage service like Google Drive and others, you don’t have to pay to be able to save your files. So it would be a shame, if the easy and free nature is not used at all.

Each Cloud Storage service must provide free and paid options. The paid option only offers a cloud storage capacity upgrade that is larger than the free version. So, if you need a wider capacity, you can use the paid option.

Each cloud storage service will be different. However, the free version is of course more than enough if what you want to save is only soft files of important documents such as ebooks, papers, theses, and others.

So, those were 5 reasons why students must use cloud storage technology. In your opinion, what other reasons can be used as a statement so that students want to use cloud storage technology in their campus life other than those mentioned above? May be useful.

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