December 6, 2022

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5 reasons why someone can’t get married even though they have proposed

Getting married is a long journey. Like a journey of life, not just having fun. Many trials, many sad things, many sacrifices, and so on.

If it is strong, many people have succeeded in bringing their relationship from normal relationships, dating, proposals, to marriage. If they are not strong, not a few also fail in the middle of the road, even though they have arrived at the application, aka cancel the marriage.

Actually, what makes a couple decide to annul their marriage?

1. Affair

Cheating is a crime that cannot be tolerated. Moreover, if the affair is out of bounds. For example check in at the hotel, or something like that. For couples who are about to get married, and then find out about this affair, usually there will be something called annulment of marriage. Because these mistakes are usually unacceptable to their spouses and families.

2. Not suitable for family

After the proposal, usually the couple will start to get along with their respective families. Unfortunately, this familiarization process, not everything can go well.

For some reason, usually there are family members who seem to be a shield for the couple and make them uncomfortable. For example, a sister, mother, or other family member that your partner doesn’t think you like, or something like that.

This incompatibility with the family is one of the causes of the couple’s annulment of marriage. Because as we know, that in marriage, not only yourself and your partner are involved, but two families are also involved.

Another problem, is social status. It could also be that one of the family cannot accept it because of differences in social status. It made the wedding plans fall apart.

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3. Too demanding

Have you ever seen soap operas where when a couple wants to get married, then one of the parties demands all kinds of things. Starting from luxury homes and cars, luxurious weddings, large dowries, and so on.

This does not only exist in soap operas, but many similar things around us. And, not everyone is able to comply with these demands. Some are trying to fulfill it, some have just heard that they have chosen to resign.

It’s actually not a good thing to get used to, huh. At the very least, we should be ashamed. If we really want it, we have to be able to buy it ourselves. Don’t rely on other people, let alone take advantage of marriage.

4. Financial

The process towards marriage requires financial readiness. As we know, even though a wedding is held simply, it still requires financial support.

Before marriage, usually couples will take care of many things together. Starting from caterers, vendors, and so on. Well, this is usually where a person’s financial readiness will be seen. When a partner feels that their partner’s finances are very minimal, then this can cause a fight and end a relationship.

5. Can’t accept flaws

The longer a romantic relationship lasts, the more you know the two people in it. The closer you get to the wedding, the more you usually get to know each other. Nobody is perfect. But many of them are separated because of the imperfection itself. As if you are a perfect human being, you have to get a perfect person.

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Those are the 5 reasons for canceling marriage even though they have made an application.