December 1, 2022

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5 Reasons Why Cats Like To Sleep On Your Lap

Do you often find cats sleeping in various places, including on your lap? Sometimes even snoring sleep on the chest without feeling afraid.

This behavior often occurs in pet cats. However, what is the real reason cats like to sleep on human laps? Will curling up on your body bring peace to your mind? Or maybe you are considered a favorite figure, so he is always close to you?

Reported from cuteness, There are 5 reasons why cats like to sleep on your lap and we have outlined them in this article:

1. Cats Love Warm Places

Have you ever noticed your cat likes to catch the morning sun falling on the floor or through the window? According to Dr. Fosters and Smith, cats have very sensitive receptors, especially on their faces.

Because of the presence of these receptors, cats also look for warm places to maintain their body temperature, one of which is sleeping on your lap because that is where they will feel warm and at ease.

2. Cats Seek Comfort

Cats can sleep 15 hours a day and sometimes more. Of course he will find the most comfortable place, whether on the sofa, on a pile of clothes or even on his master’s lap.

3. Cats adore their Master

Believe it or not, it turns out that cats are worshipers of their masters, you know. This is based on the statement of Marilyn Krieger, a cat behavior consultant in Redwood City, California who stated, “The behavior of a cat sleeping on your lap shows that he trusts you, including adoring you.”

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4. Feel Safe

In addition to looking for a comfortable and warm place, the reason cats sleep on their laps is that they seek a sense of security. Just as humans want comfort and safety, cats also crave that atmosphere.

He wants to make sure that if there are dangerous predators around him, then there is you who will protect him from the rage of these predators.

5. Relaxing Place

It could be that the sound or scent of your body calms the cat’s agitated mind. That’s why he chooses to always be near you because you help him calm his mind.

Here are 5 reasons why cats like to sleep on your lap. Hopefully your curiosity is answered, yes.