January 30, 2023


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5 Reasons Men Suddenly Become Quiet, Having Serious Problems!

Everyone is created with a different character. Some are chatty, some are quiet. Some are sociable, some are shy. Anyway, all kinds of things!

Well, here are some reasons why a man can suddenly become quiet. What are the things behind it? Let’s see the review together!

1. Are having serious problems

Everyone has a type coping mechanisms different when there is a problem. Some can relax like nothing happened, but when they are alone in their room, they cry incessantly. Some vent through eating a lot.

There is also a change in attitude, which was cheerful or talkative, now becomes quiet. So, if a male friend or your partner suddenly becomes quiet, it could be that he is in serious trouble, you know.

2. Experiencing depression

Stress that continues for a long time can cause depression. Depression can cause a person’s behavior to change. For example, who used to be calm, are now angry. The old one talkative, now so economical.

If you see your friend like this, try to be close to him, okay? Embrace him so he doesn’t feel alone. Try asking if there is a problem, and let them know if at any time you need someone to talk to you can contact you. Getting attention from friends or those around you can help depressed people feel better.

3. Being bored

There are also men who suddenly become quiet due to being bored. You can be bored with your love relationship, bored with your job, or bored with your own life because you feel there is no progress.

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4. Feeling inferior

Feelings of inferiority can also trigger a person’s behavior change. For example, he who used to always be named an exemplary employee, suddenly felt less confident when the rank was obtained by another colleague.

5. Being mentally tired

Changes in a person’s behavior usually do not just happen. There must be a trigger. One of them, experienced mental fatigue.

This can be caused by many things. A love relationship that is never separated from drama, bosses who are too demanding, or other things.

When you find your partner or male friend who suddenly becomes quiet, you should be accompanied, yes. However, don’t force him to talk. Let him be comfortable first. When he feels calm, later he will be honest with you, really.