August 8, 2022

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5 reasons men are single, are you one of them?

Singles is a term that is pinned to those who choose to walk without a lover. Although not all of them, but not a few men who choose to be single in their daily lives. So what’s the reason?

1. Have other priorities

The first reason is because men still have other priorities. For example, you still want to focus on education, focus on work, focus on making your family happy, focus on saving, and so on. So he thinks that if he has a lover then the concentration he has to achieve many things in his mind will be scattered and messy.

2. Have an unfinished past

An unfinished past doesn’t mean he still has a special relationship with someone in his past. But he is still unable to move from the feeling that had existed in his past.

Usually because of experiences or memories that are not good in his experience when he was in a relationship with someone, it made him hurt, traumatized, and made him feel hesitant to enter into a new relationship. However, the pain, disappointment, and bitter memories of the past he could not completely forget.

3. Hassle

Maybe every woman will not accept this one point, where men find it difficult when having a romantic relationship with a woman. However, this still cannot be denied because it still often happens around us.

It’s not all, but there are some men who feel that when he is in a relationship with a woman, some things in his life will be a little hectic. Starting from the activities, restrictions and rules, how to look, and so on, because it must involve two heads. And that will give rise to many opinions that lead to debate.

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4. Not ready to get married

A man who has dared to invite other people’s children to date is considered by those around him as a man who is ready to get married. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that suggestion, it just reminds a man to take care of his idol and not to play with his lover’s feelings. However, it is often a slap in the face for men and makes him shut himself off from having a romantic relationship with a woman.

In addition, fear of marriage can also be caused by personal experience or people around who have a marriage story that is not as beautiful as other people. Failure or pain is often a bad image of marriage by unmarried people.

5. Haven’t met the right person yet

Not because the criteria are too high, but because they haven’t met someone who can make them comfortable and connect with them. This makes men usually prefer to have relationships with women.

The experience of having a romantic relationship with the previous person makes a man more careful in choosing his new lover.

Those are the 5 reasons men are still single. Are you one of them?