December 6, 2022

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5 Problems That Happened in the First 5 Years of Marriage, Ready?

Many people say that the heart of marriage is in the first 5 years. The reason is, in that year every couple tries to sail with their own household. Floating in the water together with all the risks and possibilities that are always there.

He said, if he managed to pass the 5th year well, then the household will run well in the future. Although somehow the truth is, in fact the first 5 years is a time of introduction to each other’s spouse, household, shortcomings, and duties. So, it is still in the adjustment stage.

So, what are the problems that are often faced in the first 5 years of marriage?

1. Confused about managing money

The first problem is feeling confused in managing money. Unlike before marriage, where money was managed alone. When married, then money is something that must be open to each other with a partner. Likewise, the expenditure must be in accordance with the mutual agreement.

The first couple’s confusion is about management. How to manage that money so that it can be enough for one month, how to manage that money so that you can still set aside for parents, and so on.

If you and your partner can agree and work together on money management, then your finances will remain stable. However, if you and your partner cannot manage money, then you and your partner will experience a financial crisis where this will have an unfavorable impact on the running of the household.

2. Homework that is assigned to one party

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In fact, homework is a shared obligation. Unfortunately, many people think that housework is just a wife’s job. That’s not really the case though.

Housework that is only assigned to one party will cause many differences of opinion. In addition, actually, working together can also increase a lot of cohesiveness. Unfortunately, some husbands often feel prestige to help their wives with household chores.

3. Difficult to balance time for career and family

In the early years of marriage, of course, the passion for making money is very passionate. Considering that there is an obligation to provide for them, many husbands are busy promoting their careers. Unfortunately, this is often the cause of forgetting the need for time with family.

The reason is, the struggle to make money and approach yourself with your family must be balanced. The spirit of looking for money to forget the need for family closeness, will make the household not harmonious. Enjoying too much time with family to forget to make money, will also cause financial problems.

4. Different understanding about child parenting

After having a child, there will be times when you and your partner have different opinions about how to raise children. Starting from the knowledge gained through parenting, experience, to the hereditary principles often make you and your partner disagree. Before that happens, you and your partner must agree on what parenting style you will apply to your child, so that when that time comes, everything is ready.

5. Feeling bored

Feeling bored with the household in the first 5 years of marriage is normal. It’s normal to feel bored with work routines, bored with partner’s attitude or bored with him, until bored with taking care of the household.

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However, there are some people who can manage these feelings as a place to fix and improve themselves, but there are also those who use it as a place to fight. Everything that happens depends on how you choose.

Those are 5 problems that occur in the first 5 years of marriage. Hope you can prepare yourself for it, huh!