October 1, 2022


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5 Ornamental Plants Suitable for Workspaces

The work location is where we spend the most time other than at home. Therefore, of course we need to design a workspace as comfortable as possible so that work enthusiasm increases. If your hobby is farming, you can bring a number of ornamental plants so that the workspace looks more green and cool.

But you need to choose plants that are suitable to be placed indoors. Because, not all plants can be placed indoors because they need enough sunlight. Here are a number of ornamental plants that are suitable for work spaces, as reported by: Listenden.com:

1. Cactus

Cacti are the easiest choice for houseplants in the workspace. There are more than 2,000 types of cacti in the world with different looks and colors, almost all of which are suitable for placing in the office. Cacti are very easy to care for because they only need very little water to survive.

This plant also does not need sunlight all day. Consider the Myrtillocactus, Echinocereus schmollii, or Cleistocactus winteri varieties, as they all do well indoors.

2. Betel Ivory

Betel ivory is a plant commonly found in office buildings or other public facilities. This plant is easy to care for and does not need to be exposed to direct sunlight. Betel ivory can even be planted directly in water media. You can put the plant on your desk or bookshelf.

3. Lemon Balm

Plants from the Mint family are not only able to make the office look more beautiful. Lemon balm has a calming aroma that is believed to improve mood. This will certainly help raise your mood while working.

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Lemon balm can also be mixed with drinks to add freshness. In contrast to other dry-resistant office plants, lemon balm requires very little moisture. So, make sure to regularly water it every day.

4. Bamboo Palm

If your office space is large enough, a bamboo palm tree can be an attractive addition to the corner of the room. This plant requires very little light. However, the growth can be very fast. This means that you need to regularly trim them to keep the plants tidy.

In addition to giving a green impression, bamboo palms are able to suck toxins or pollution in the air. For a smaller option, try the hockey bamboo. This plant looks like bamboo but is actually a member of the lily family. Place the hockey bamboo in a plate filled with water to decorate the office desk.

5. Lili Paris

Parisian lilies or spider plants are popular plants to decorate rooms. In addition to its attractive shape. This plant requires minimal maintenance. You don’t need to water them regularly because paris lilies can survive with little water.

According to a University of Hawaii study, paris lilies can remove chemicals or volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) and pollutants from the air.