December 2, 2022

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5 Negative Impacts of Eating Too Much Spicy Food

Spicy food is still a favorite food for many people. It feels like if the food doesn’t taste spicy, it feels like something is missing, so as a complement it is added with chili sauce to make it taste more delicious.

Now there are many foods that offer various levels of spiciness. Examples include fried noodles with devil level, firecracker meatballs filled with chili sauce, fried chicken with chili sauce and many other types of food. There are even people who want to increase the level of spiciness because they want to challenge themselves to eat foods that are spicier than before.

Eating spicy food does have its benefits. But it’s different if you eat it in excessive amounts and exceed reasonable limits. There will always be a negative impact if you do something excessively including eating too much spicy food. Summarize from eat this and hellodocHere are five negative effects that will be felt when you eat too much spicy food.

1. Causing heartburn to diarrhea

Often every time you eat spicy food your stomach will feel heartburn. This is because spicy food will easily enter the large intestine. When this spicy food has entered the large intestine, it will then trigger inflammation or irritation so that it triggers the release of a lot of water into the intestine. As a result, the remaining food will be immediately removed along with the rest of the water and diarrhea will occur.

2. Trigger an ulcer

Spicy food will trigger stomach acid to rise and make the stomach ache. If the amount is excessive, it can erode and make the surface of the stomach brittle. This condition is of course dangerous, because if left for too long it can cause gastritis (acute ulcer) and need immediate medical attention.

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3. Cause acne

According to Rebeccaa Tung, MD, a dermatologist from Florida, spicy foods can cause acne. Spicy food can irritate the intestines, causing stomach upset, acid reflux and other symptoms. But sometimes irritation can also occur on the skin which is characterized by reddened skin, acne, or even eczema. So it would be better if you record any food that causes allergies so that later it will not harm you later.

4. Causes insomnia

As explained earlier that eating spicy food can trigger stomach acid to rise. Well, when you eat spicy food before bed, what happens is that your stomach will feel heartburn and you may have diarrhea so that your sleep time is disturbed.

In addition, eating spicy food will also raise body temperature, so do not be surprised if the body will feel hot after eating these foods. After eating spicy food, it is also not recommended to go to bed immediately because it will make the body feel uncomfortable and of course it will make it difficult for you to sleep.

5. Decreased tongue sensitivity

Spicy is not actually a taste, but a hot sensation caused by a compound called capsaicin. If consumed in excess, it will have a bad effect on the tongue, namely reducing its sensitivity. The tongue will experience numbness so that its function as a sense of taste will be reduced. As a result, the tongue can no longer tolerate the spicy taste it receives.

Those are five negative effects that are felt after consuming too much spicy food. Remember, anything in excess is not good. It’s okay to eat spicy food, as long as it’s within reasonable limits so it doesn’t harm the body. Don’t regret it later, okay?

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