August 18, 2022

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5 Most Related Korean Dramas with Real Life, Makes You Fail to Move On

What makes the audience immersed in the drama they watch? Usually it’s because relate with life. Is not it? Well, a series of Korean dramas below are said to have the most stories relate with the life of the audience in the real world, whether it’s with the whole story or with one of the characters in it. The stories also vary, ranging from friendship, love, family life and office life. This is the list!

1. My Liberation Notes (2022)

Photo of My Liberation Notes (2022) [imdb]

The My Liberations Note storyline is indeed fairly slow. But, apparently the plot is the director’s way of making the audience immersed in the story. My Liberation Notes tells the story of three brothers who lead ordinary lives. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes normal. The three then thought about changing their lives. Just as the intention was sparked, a stranger appeared in their lives. This one drama stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Seok-gu, Lee-El.

Our Blues Photo (2022) [sumber: imdb]
Our Blues Photo (2022) [imdb]

Our Blues is a Korean drama that tells about the life of working class people on Jeju Island. There are many characters featured in this drama, such as a bank manager who has family problems, a successful trader dealing with an old love, a single parent struggling to come to terms with past wounds, and the story of a high school teenager. Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-woon, Lee Jung-eun, Kim Woo-bin, Han Jimin, Shin Min-ah, and Uhm Jung-hwa are a series of main retainers in this drama.

3. Thirty-Nine (2022)

Thirty-Nine Photo (2022) [sumber: imdb]
Thirty-Nine Photo (2022) [imdb]

Thirty-Nine tells about the lives of single women in their 30s and 40s. This Korean drama stars Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun who have different backgrounds. They are friends who live a diverse life, ranging from love, friendship, and work.

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4. Reply Series (2012-2016)

Photo Reply Series (2012-2016) [sumber: imdb]
Photo Reply Series (2012-2016) [imdb]

Among all drakors, series reply touted as a series that is realistic and closest to the lives of the audience. The series, directed by Shin Won-ho, has various time settings, but all of them focus on the story of a group of teenagers’ lives. This drama manages to package things and certain events that occur in each time setting so that the audience feels nostalgic about it.

5. Hello My Twenties (2017)

Age of Youth's photo [sumber: Mydramalist]
Age of Youth’s photo [Mydramalist]

Judging from the story, Age of Youth similar to series reply, which focuses on a group of teenagers as the center of the story. The characters in this drama are college students who take different majors, namely psychology, business, and culinary students. In addition, they also come from different places, different religions, and different family backgrounds. They try to live life as normal teenagers with various twists and turns of life.

Well, those are 5 Korean dramas that are said to have the most relatable stories. The conflict brought up by the drama above is nothing special, but that’s precisely what it excels at. These Korean filmmakers pack a simple story into something interesting that feels realistic. which drama is your favourite?