August 14, 2022

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5 Lessons Taught Implicitly in School, Often Unknowingly

School is a place where we study. However, many people judge school as unimportant because what is taught is often irrelevant in life. Actually there are some things that are needed in life that are taught in school but only implicitly. These are things that we often don’t realize, so that it makes us misunderstood. Check out the following review.

1. Good Communication

Communication skills are one of the most important things to master. With good communication, you will easily mingle with the community, get to know and be known by many people, and get information quickly. There will be many benefits that you can get if you master communication well.

2. Building Relationships

What is the point of building a relationship and why is it considered so important? The existence of relationships will make your life easier, the simplest you will not feel lonely, there will always be someone to help you. If there is a problem, you will quickly find a solution. Build a good relationship even if it’s not in the textbook.

3. Independent

Skilled in doing anything and overcoming problems alone cannot be owned by just anyone. However, this one thing is really needed in life, there are times when you will be faced with a situation that requires you to move on your own, where other people, even your own parents, can’t help.

4. Persistence

In living life, one must have persistence in his heart. Failures and mistakes that often occur will discourage us if we are not persistent. Therefore, train yourself not to give up easily in any case.

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5. Problem Solving

How have you been dealing with the problem so far? Can you do it yourself or can someone else help you? Or do you even run away from the problem? Skills to solve problems are important to have, considering that problems will continue to come as long as we are still alive in this world.

Those are 5 things that are taught implicitly in school. So far, we only see that schools only teach textbooks, but behind that there are lessons that are no less important.