September 26, 2022

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5 Kinds of Plants That Are Often Used for Cooking, There are Tomatoes

One way to take advantage of the yard or terrace is by gardening. Various kinds of plants can be tried to be planted. With the selection of plants that are suitable for the climate and proper care, plants can thrive even in narrow soils. Even if only in the pot once.

If you haven’t decided what to plant on your terrace, maybe you can consider the types of plants that will often be used for everyday cooking. Besides being able to channel your gardening hobby, you can also save expenses because you no longer need to buy several types of plants for cooking.

Here are 5 types of plants that are often used for cooking:

1. Chili

Maybe you almost every day need chili for cooking. Either for sambal or for vegetables and side dishes. You can start growing chilies on the terrace. Can be in the ground or simply in a pot. You can use the leftover chili in the old kitchen, take the seeds and sow.

When it is fruitful, you can use it for cooking. You also don’t have to pick them all at once. Just take some as you need. Choose the oldest. The next day you will usually find an aging chili on another stalk.

2. Tomato

Just like lombok, you can also start growing tomatoes by taking tomato seeds left over from cooking in the kitchen. Having tomato plants, besides being useful for cooking, also adds to the beauty of your terrace. The leaves are beautifully shaped and slightly hairy.

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Bright yellow tomato flowers are also beautiful, although small in size. Not to mention when it’s fruitful. The fruit is visible fresh with bright colors according to the level of maturity. Green, yellow and red give a fresh sight when viewed.

3. Various rhizomes

Starting from ginger, turmeric, kencur and the like you can plant. Even if you don’t want to buy the seeds specifically, you can still start planting these rhizomes. Take advantage of the fresh rhizomes that are in your kitchen. Cut the rhizome tubers and plant them in pots or soil.

Planting rhizomes has many benefits. In addition to cooking, several types of rhizomes can also be used as traditional healthy drinks. You must have often heard of ginger wedang, kencur rice, tamarind turmeric and others.

4. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is quite easy to grow. Just plug in the base of the fresh lemongrass that you bought at the market. Soon the lemongrass will grow roots. You can also soak the lemongrass in water until the roots grow and then transfer it to the ground.


You can try everything from red onions to leeks. You can buy seeds at a plant seller or you can also plant them directly by taking a few cloves of onions from your kitchen.

Some people cut the ends of the onions before planting them in order to make them sprout quickly. You can grow onions in pots and still thrive as long as they are cared for properly.

If you want your gardening results to be satisfactory, do good care. You can learn how to plant from books or other reliable sources. You can also ask friends who have managed to do it.

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