October 1, 2022


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5 Jobs Relevant to the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature

Feeling inferior because you study literature? Wherever you study there must be a good side that you can take, and remember that no knowledge is wasted. Studying in the language and literature major doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time getting a job compared to your friends who study in other well-known majors, who said that? The literature major also has good job prospects, you know. Here are 5 jobs that are relevant to the Indonesian language and literature major.

1. Author

For those of you who like to write novels or poetry, it is certain that this job is perfect for you. Studying in the department of language and literature will further deepen your knowledge of the world of literature, so you will not only be a writer who can only write, but also process the content in your work.

2. Editor

If the concentration you take is in the field of linguistics or linguistics, it is very possible for you to become an editor. For example, editor in a newspaper or publisher. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone has the ability to understand language and its rules, so you as a language person must be able to maximize your potential.

3. Scriptwriter

A scriptwriter or scriptwriter is also suitable for you children of Indonesian language and literature, the scripts here can be in the form of news scripts or film scripts. Someone with good language skills and storytelling is definitely much sought after by institutions in need.

4. Public Relations

Although there are communication majors that are more identical with public relations, this profession is still relevant to the language and literature majors, you know. Language is also a tool to communicate, coupled with their rhetorical and public speaking skills, children of language and literature are no less competent in the field of public relations.

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5. Teacher

Even though you study in a major that studies pure science, it does not rule out your possibility to become a teacher. After graduating from the Indonesian language and literature study program, you can take another study to get a teaching license.

Those are 5 jobs that are relevant to the Indonesian language and literature major. So, still unsure about this major?