May 30, 2023

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5 ITZY Song Recommendations That Will Make You Feel Optimistic and Confident

Often, we feel insecure and lack self-confidence when we remember our own shortcomings. However, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, do not think too much about our shortcomings that cause us to lose confidence. Come on, check out 5 ITZY song recommendations that will make you feel optimistic and confident below!

1. Sneakers

‘Sneakers’ is the main song in ITZY’s album titled ‘Checkmate’ which was released last July. Through this summer-themed song, ITZY invites listeners to be excited to run towards a bright future. It is suitable for listening to make you more optimistic and enthusiastic in achieving your dreams for the future.


The song ‘WANNABE’ is the main single in the album ‘It’z Me’ which was released in 2020. The lyrics read, “I don’t wanna be somebody, just wanna be me”, which has an explicit meaning for the listener to be themselves. Combining EDM and hip hop nuances and adding a few other sound elements, makes this song even more interesting.


‘DALLA DALLA’ is ITZY’s debut song in 2019. In this song, ITZY invites listeners to have confidence and love themselves. In Korean, ‘dalla’ means ‘different’. The meaning of the song ‘DALLA DALLA’ is to say that everyone is different, including ourselves and others.

4. ICY

The song ‘ICY’ is the main song in the album with the same title. In this electro pop genre song, ITZY speaks about the confidence that all women should have. In the lyrics, they also convey that other people’s comments about believing in one’s own dreams don’t need to be listened to.

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5. Not Shy

‘Not Shy’ is the lead single in the album of the same name. The song, which was released in 2020, tells the story of a woman who is not shy about expressing her feelings to the person she likes. This courage is shown in the music video where the ITZY members seem confident. This R&B genre song with saxophone accompaniment and a fast beat will make you more optimistic.

Well, those are 5 ITZY song recommendations that will make you optimistic and confident. Happy listening!