December 1, 2022

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5 Idioms That Make Your English Sound Really British

Learning idioms is very important to make your English sound more natural like a foreign speaker. Interpreting idioms cannot be arbitrary because the expressions used usually have meanings that are not real. Learning idioms will make your English more slang and seem less rigid. In fact, you can surprise foreign speakers with the expressions you use when they hear them.

Let’s take note of 5 idioms that are very often used by native speakers which will make your speaking even more pro.

1. To bend over backwards

You can really use this idiom expression to flirt with your crush or your girlfriend. This phrase means “Will do anything to help you”

“I’ve told you many times that I’ll always bend over backwards as long as you are with me.” which means “I already said that I will always do anything to help you as long as you are always with me.”

2. To cut somebody some slack

You can use this expression when you are really tired of something and you think that you need a little space for yourself. This English expression means “To give a little pause”

“I’m truly knackered with all these things. Can you just cut me some slack? I need to have some time with myself.” means “I’m really really tired of all this stuff. Can you give me a little pause? I need time to myself.”

3. To hear on the grapevine

This one is really suitable for you to use if you want to start gossiping about something that you are not really sure about. Grapevine in this expression means rumor. So, this expression means “Hearing rumors or stories that have not been confirmed.”

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I’ve heard on the grapevine that your crush has broken up with his girlfriend. I think you’ve got to take this chance to make him yours.” means “I heard your crush broke up with his girlfriend. It seems, you should take this opportunity to make it yours.”

4. To miss the boat

This expression is not used if you miss a ship that has already sailed. You can use this idiom to say that someone has lost an opportunity to do something.

“She has missed the boat to be promoted as the supervisor in this year.” means “He has lost his chance to be promoted to supervisor this year.”

5. To step up one’s game

For those of you who are thinking of improving yourself in something, this expression will express you once. This expression refers to the meaning of “start to look better.”

“All of us have seen her improvement in public speaking. She has stepped up her game.” meaning “We’ve all seen an increase in his speeches. He has started to do better.”

Now, your English will not sound monotonous anymore after you understand these 5 idioms. I hope this article helps you to make your English even cooler.