September 28, 2022

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5 Heroes with the Most Annoying Skills in Mobile Legends, There’s Franco to Akai

There are more than 100 heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use to play this game. These heroes will of course be divided into several roles or roles. There are Tanks, Fighters, Assassins, Mage, Marksman, Support. Each of these roles has its own uniqueness.

However, of the more than 100 heroes, there are several heroes whose skills can make you feel annoyed when you meet in the same arena with them. In fact, the skills of these heroes can easily mess up the opponent’s formation so that they have the potential to be able to turn things around.

So, not infrequently these heroes often become most banned hero or at least be the first fight during the draft pick phase of the Mobile Legends tournament or in public players. Here are 5 heroes with the most annoying skills in Mobile Legends:

1. Franco

Illustration of Hero Franco (Mobile Legends)

Heroes with the Tank role don’t always have to be in front to stand up when war. Call it the hero named Franco. Even though this hero is a Tank role, the way to play this hero is by kidnapping enemy heroes with the skills he has

The most annoying thing about this hero is the other skill, Iron Hook which can catch enemies from a distance. Then Franco’s ultimate skill, Bloody Hunt which can give effect suppress for 1.8 seconds. Moreover, these skills will be very terrible when in combo with spells Flicker directed into the turret.

So, if you meet this one hero in the arena, make sure you can always avoid Iron Hook just now. And you are also always wary of the bushes so you don’t die silly with the Franco combo.

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2. Selena

Illustration of Selena's Hero Skin: Gemini Shadow (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Selena’s Hero Skin: Gemini Shadow (Mobile Legends)

Next comes from the Assassin role, namely Selena. This one hero has no less annoying skills when he is already in the Land of Dawn arena.

Namely the second skill, Abyssal Arrow which will shoot demon arrows and if you hit the arrow, you will be stunned for 3 seconds. In order to reduce the duration of the stun, you can use shoe items Tough Boots.

Then the other skill, Abyssal Trap which can put traps in the bushes so that if you pass through the trap, you will be affected by a slow effect of 70%.

3. Valentine

Illustration of Hero Valentina (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Valentina (Mobile Legends)

While the third came from a hero with the Mage role, Valentina. This hero is known as a plagiarism hero. Because this hero uses the power of enemy skills to defeat the enemy he faces.

Thanks to Valentina’s ultimate skill, I Am You which can copy the ultimate skill of the opponent it takes. Plus the ultimate skill can also copy basic attack the opponent after using the skills taken earlier. Hence, this Valentina hero will be very dangerous if she enters the war. Because the enemy hero, whose ultimate skill is copied by Valentina, can be the master’s weapon.

So, it’s no wonder when this hero was released for the first time, many Mobile Legends public banned this hero. Especially for the scale of big tournament matches such as MPL Indonesia and even bigger tournaments.

4. Xavier

Illustration of Hero Xavier (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Xavier (Mobile Legends)

Still in the hero with the Mage role, the fourth is Xavier. This hero seems obligatory to be picked, otherwise he will be banned. Xavier for Meta is now in effect one of the keys to the team’s victory. And also the fact that this hero is often used by pro players in Mobile Legends tournaments.

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The annoying thing about this hero lies in the combo of skill two and the other skill which when hit by the enemy, the skill will form a circle area and can have an effect immobilize for 3 seconds.

And what doesn’t bother him anymore, Xavier’s ultimate skill, Downing Light which can shoot lasers of straight light along a map. This ultimate skill will be very dangerous, because it can target kills from dying enemies, to open maps, and steal lords or turtles.

5. Akai

Illustration of Skin Hero Akai : Imperial Assassin (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Skin Hero Akai : Imperial Assassin (Mobile Legends)

Finally, there is the hero Akai. This Hero Tank is always a fight for picks or if you don’t become a banned subscription, you have annoying skills. Especially when you enter war or team fight in the Land of Dawn arena.

Thanks to Akai’s ultimate skill, Hurricane Dance whose skill will give effect knockback on enemies that approach him. Ultimate Akai is very effective to disperse enemies during war or teamfight. Or Hurricane Dance from Akai is also effective for flanking the enemy against the wall so that the enemy cannot move then can be directly executed by your team’s core.

So, those were the 5 heroes with the most annoying skills in the Mobile Legends game. In your opinion, what heroes have skills that are no less annoying than the heroes mentioned above? May be useful.