December 2, 2022

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5 Heroes that are Suitable for Using Spell Inspire in Mobile Legends, Auto Flat Enemy!

There are 12 kinds of spells that Mobile Legends players can use to get special abilities when in a match. One of them is a spell called Inspire. This Inspire Spell, when used will give strength to the hero for 5 seconds in the form of:

  • Increases Attack Speed ​​by 55%
  • Attack Speed ​​Limit to 400%
  • Ignores the target’s 8 (+1 × Hero Level) Physical Defense.
  • Restores 70(+15%Total Physical ATK)(+15%Total Magic Power) HP when hit.

This Inspire Spell, will be more suitable for use by heroes who rely on Attack Speed ​​instead of skill. Plus, this spell is a spell that moment maker, which could be the key to a landslide victory. Because with effect attack speed high, Penetration, Lifesteal and coupled with your hero’s attack speed, the enemy is guaranteed to be nervous.

Because the effect of this inspire is only 5 seconds, so the hero who uses this spell must be free to deal damage without being hit stun or effect Crowd Control (CC). If affected by these two effects, the Inspire spell will only be wasted. So, what heroes are suitable for using this Inspire spell?

Here are 5 heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for using the Inspire spell:

1. Miya

Illustration of Skin Hero Miya: Suzuhime (Mobile Legends)

The first is the hero Miya. this hero with the Marksman role is suitable for using the Inspire spell. This hero used to not sell very well. Until finally, for the first time this hero was used by RRQ Lemon in MPL Season 9 yesterday when RRQ Hoshi fought EVOS Legends. Even though in the end the RRQ team fell, after the match was over, many public players in Mobile Legends used this hero in Ranked.

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In the late game phase, Miya’s hero has great potential to slaughter enemies evenly. Because, Miya’s own passive makes this hero when 5 stacks have been collected, Miya’s attack will be multiple targets.

For a combo with this Inspire spell, first enter from behind the enemy with the ultimate skill first. Then proceed with skill two + spell Inspire + skill one. Then spam basic attack as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to die if you’ve done the combo. Item usage Wind of Nature with his active skill that can be immune from physical attack for 2 seconds this will also help minimize damage from enemies.

2. Moscow

Illustration of Hero Moskov (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Moskov (Mobile Legends)

Still with the Marksman role, in this second place there is a hero named Moskov. The hero with a weapon in the form of a spear has a high compatibility to use the Inspire spell in matches

If you have entered the late game phase, in order to get momentum from this hero, the combo method with this Inspire spell is the same as the Miya hero above. First enter the area behind the enemy with a dash of skill one + spell two + spell inspire. Then proceed with spam basic attacks as much as possible.

Keep in mind, because this Moskov hero is typical single target, make sure when you want to launch a combo during war or teamfight, first aim for heroes with thin HP such as enemy mages and Marksman so that you can win numbers with your opponent.

3. Zilong

Illustration of Hero Zilong (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Zilong (Mobile Legends)

The third is the Zilong hero. This hero with a mixture of Fighter/Assassin roles is also suitable for using the Inspire spell in matches. This hero really needs items so that his basic attack can be faster. The build item from this hero is similar to the Marksman build item. Like items Windtalker, Scarlet Phantom, and Berserker’s Fury is an item that can be used to maximize the hero’s attack speed.

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For combos with the Inspire spell itself, this hero is suitable for kidnapping enemies who are laning alone. And as for war or teamfight, first use the ultimate skill to enter from behind the enemy team + direct skill two to heroes with thin HP like mage or Marksman. Then turn on the Inspire spell + spam basic attack. Well, if the enemy hero runs away from you, press the satun skill to pry back the escaped enemy.

4. Sun

Illustration of Hero Sun (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Sun (Mobile Legends)

The fourth is the Sun hero. This hero with the Fighter role is also suitable for using the Inspire spell. Because thanks to skill one, skill two, and his ultimate skill that can remove clones of himself, it makes the enemy hero when dealing with Sun feels like he’s being beaten by a lot of people.

For the application of this Inspire spell on the Sun hero, you can use it when killing a lord alone or taking other objectives such as turrets and jungle monsters. Or when it requires war or teamfight. You can immediately break through to the front of the enemy with the ultimate skill and skill two. Then, press basic attack and fire spell inspire. Followed by spam basic attacks to the opponent hero you want to target.

5. Argus

Illustration of Hero Argus (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Argus (Mobile Legends)

The last one is the hero Argus. Hero with this Fighter role is also suitable for using the Inspire spell. The application of the Inspire spell for Argus can be applied when it is required to teamfight 5 vs 5 in a match, you can immediately press the ultimate Argus + turn on the Inspire spell. Then you attack enemy heroes near you with spam basic attacks. When this combo is launched, don’t be afraid to be eliminated as long as the ultimate effect is still there.

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So, those were 5 heroes that were suitable for using the Inspire spell in Mobile Legends. In your opinion, what other heroes are suitable for using the Inspire spell other than the heroes mentioned above? May be useful.