October 1, 2022


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5 Heroes Suitable for Using Glowing Wand Items in Mobile Legends

For those who often play Mobile Legends games, of course they are familiar with this one item. Yep, the Glowing Wand item. Items that still have close kinship between fellow magic items, such as the Genius Wand and the Ice Queen Wand, also have abilities that can give certain powers to the heroes who use them. Especially for those of you who like to use Mage heroes, these items can provide stats and passive skills as follows:

  • +400 HP
  • +75 Magic Power
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • Passive Skill: Scorch Skill Damage will burn the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic Damage per second (damaging the same target multiple times in a short duration can increase this damage by 2%), minimum 10 damage

Although the damage from Scorch’s passive skill seems small, this item is also quite good for damage-enhancing items, especially for Mage heroes with a poke specialty. Poke itself means a hero damage skill whose output is small, but can be done continuously with cooldown relatively short skills. Hero poke damage is manifold Continuous Damage. That is the type of damage output that comes out constantly and takes some time to release it. Different from Burst Damage which can produce such a large damage output in an instant.

Because they are poke specialists, heroes who fall into this category usually play the game by repaying the opponent’s HP hero with the damage skill issued. In order to be able to repay the opponent’s hero’s HP to the maximum, of course the heroes below will definitely be very suitable when using Glowing Wand items. What are these heroes? Here are 5 heroes that are suitable for using Glowing Wand items in Mobile Legends.

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1. Nana

Illustration of Hero Nana (Mobile Legends)

One of the heroes with the most annoying skills among the heroes in the Mobile Legends game is Nana. This hero specializes in Poke. Therefore, Nana will be very suitable to wear this Glowing Wand item.

one skill, Magic Boomers which will throw a boomerang weapon in the targeted direction as well as the second skill, Molina Smooch one of the most annoying skills can turn the hero affected by this skill into a Molina doll for a few seconds. Because skills one and two of Nana’s hero are relatively short, it will be very suitable when buying Glowing Wand items. So that the effect Scorch from the passive can come out continuously.

2. Gord

Illustration of Hero Gord (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Gord (Mobile Legends)

This one hero mage also doesn’t escape if you want to use the Glowing Wand item. Even though in Ranked mode this hero is rarely seen, but once a hero is picked along with a good game pattern, this hero can be very overpowered when the match.

In order to maximize this potential, you can use this Hero with Glowing Wand items. Skill one Gord, Missile Projectile can give a stun effect if hit and second Skill, Mystic Injunction which can deal damage in the form of a circle area for a few seconds plus this skill is suitable for clearing wave minions quickly.

By using the Glowing Wand item, then if you only use skill two on the opponent’s hero, you can give damage in the form of magic damage from the skill, passive scorch from Glowing Wand, as well as True Damage from Gord’s own passive hero.

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3. Lylia

Illustration of Hero Lylia (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Lylia (Mobile Legends)

There is nothing wrong with this hero using the Glowing Wand item. Besides this hero matches the Ice Queen Wand item which can maximize Poke Lylia in the form of a slow effect on enemy heroes from the item, there is nothing wrong with buying Glowing Wand items.

Skill two Lylia, Shadow Energy which can be spammed 5 times this will inflict damage on the affected enemy hero while giving a slow effect for a few seconds. So, in addition to this Hero, he must buy an Ice Queen Wand to maximize the slow effect of his skill, it can also be added with a Glowing Wand item so that when two Lylia’s skills are launched at the enemy, they are passive. scorch from Glowing Wand can work and give a burning effect to the opponent affected by the skill.

4. Chang’e

Illustration of Hero Chang'e (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Chang’e (Mobile Legends)

One of the heroes who also rarely appears in Ranked mode like Gord and has this annoying skill that is no less suitable when using Glowing Wand Items.

By using the Glowing Wand item, Chang’e’s ultimate skill, Meteor Shower who can shoot 30 meteors in this straight direction, will be able to trigger from passive scorch Glowing Wand and make it as additional damage from Chang’e’s ultimate skill. one skill, Starmoon Shockwave in the form of Poke damage will be greatly helped by the burning effect of the Glowing Wand.

5. Valir

Illustration of Hero Valir (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Valir (Mobile Legends)

The last one is the hero Valir. Heroes who have poke skills in the form of burning will also be very compatible with the passive Glowing Wand which also gives a burning effect. So it is very suitable for additional damage.

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one skill, Burst Fireball who threw fireballs and skills second to none, Scaring Torrent which will spit fire. Both of them will be very suitable if equipped with passive scorch from Glowing Wand. In addition to being an additional damage, the burning effect of the Glowing Wand will also strengthen the realistic effect of the supposed Valir skill, the enemy can burn if it is hit by these skills, even though in reality, the Valir skill doesn’t even give an animated burning effect to the enemy’s body.

Well, those were 5 heroes that are suitable when using Glowing Wand items in Mobile Legends. If you feel that the burn items from the Glowing Wand passive are still lacking, you can use the second talent Mage Emblem, namely Magic Worship which also has almost the same effect as the Glowing Wand passive Scorch. In your opinion, what other heroes are suitable for using items from Glowing Wand apart from the heroes mentioned above? May be useful.