October 1, 2022


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5 Hero Mobile Legends Suitable for Ice Queen Wand Items, Severely Slow!

There are many items that can be used by Mobile Legends players to maximize the abilities of the heroes they use. There are also some items that must be used by certain heroes. Because, if you don’t use these mandatory items, the ability of the hero he uses will feel less than optimal. For example, Natalia’s hero without the Blade of Heptaseas item, then her passive skill, Assassin Instinct will feel less painful.

One of the items in the match in the Mobile Legends game is the Ice Queen Wand. This item can provide Stats as well as Passive as follows:

  • +75 Magic Power
  • +10 Magical Lifesteal
  • +150 Mana
  • +7% Movement Speed
  • Passive Skills: Skills that deal damage to enemy heroes will slow them down by 15%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. Can be stacked up to 2 times for a maximum of 30% slow effect.

This item Ice Queen Wand is known as an illegal item. Because, this item can give a maximum slow effect of up to 30%. If this item is used by heroes with skills that have a slow effect, then this Ice Queen Wand will strengthen the effect of the slow skills of these heroes.

Not all heroes can use this one item. Only certain heroes will become very overpowered when this item is used. Therefore, here are 4 heroes that are suitable for using the Ice Queen Wand item in the Mobile Legends game:

1. Lylia

Illustration of Hero Lylia (Mobile Legends)

The first is the hero Lylia. This hero with a role mage is one of the heroes that is on the rise in the meta now. Plus this hero is always a competition or tournament in Mobile Legends such as MPL Indonesia.

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Lylia has skills that have a slow effect on her. skill one, Magic Shockwave can give a slow effect of 40% and skill two, Shadow Energy which can be spammed 5 times this gives a slow effect of 80%.

That is, if skill one, Magic Shockwave which has a 40% slow effect on the enemy and will trigger the first passive stack of the Ice Queen Wand by 15%, then the slow effect that Lylia can produce is 55%.

Now, if after the first skill was followed by the second skill, Shadow Energy which has 80% slow effect, will automatically trigger the second passive stack of Ice Queen Wand by 15% too, then the slow effect can reach 95%.

It’s no wonder that Lylia’s hero in tournaments like MPL Indonesia is always a bone of contention because of the resulting slow effect, of course it will be very disturbing to the enemy when one lane with her and the slow effect becomes damage support in the event of a war or teamfight.

2. Valir

Illustration of Hero Valir (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Valir (Mobile Legends)

The second is the hero Valir. This underrated hero in Mobile Legends, who is often referred to as the burnt kang, has skills that are not just burning, but also have a slow effect on his skills. Thus, enemy heroes who are hit by their skills will not run away easily.

Skill one Valir, Burst Fireball can give a slow effect of 30% and second skill, Torrent Searing gives a slow effect to the enemy by 25%.

One Valir skill can be spammed as much as possible with the condition that it must hit the enemy target. If this one skill can on point, with a slow effect of 30% plus a maximum stack of 30% Ice Queen Wand, the resulting slow effect can be up to 60%. If added to the second skill, the slow effect can increase to 85%.

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3. Yve

Illustration of Hero Yve (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero Yve (Mobile Legends)

The third is Yve. One of the heroes who is also often a bone of contention in the Mobile Legends tournament has skills that also have a slow effect on him.

second skill, Void Crystal which can give a slow effect of 35%. If you add a passive Ice Queen Wand with two stacks, which is 30%, then the slow that can be generated reaches 65%

ultimate skill, Real World Manipulation can give a slow effect of 60% for 2.7 seconds when in the ultimate area. If the slow effect is added with 30% Ice Queen Wand passive, it can reach 90% slow effect.

4. X.Borg

Illustration of Hero X.Borg (Mobile Legends)
Illustration of Hero X.Borg (Mobile Legends)

The fourth is the hero X.Borg. This underrated hero with the Fighter role can also be paired with the Ice Queen Wand item. Because the Ultimate skill which has the effect of giving slow to the enemy.

X.Borg ultimate skill, Last Insanity can give a slow effect to the enemy by 25% if it is within the radius of the fire circle + 40% slow effect when hit self-explodes for 3 seconds. This matches the time of the Ice Queen Wand effect which gives a slow effect of 3 seconds as well. So when the ultimate X.Borg starts, it will automatically trigger the Ice Queen Wand passive by 30%. If it is calculated, the slow resulting from the ultimate combination and the item will reach 95%.

So, those are the 4 heroes that are suitable for using the Ice Queen Wand item in Mobile Legends. In your opinion, what other heroes are suitable besides those mentioned above?

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