October 6, 2022


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5 Graduation Preparation Tips, Don’t Forget To Tell Your Family

Graduation is certainly a moment eagerly awaited by students who have worked hard to complete their studies. You also want to look your best. Of course it’s not wrong if you want this graduation moment as one of the most beautiful days in your life’s journey.

In order for your graduation ceremony to run smoothly, you can try the 5 tips below:

1. Prepare the outfit

You need to prepare outfit equipment for your big day in advance. Choose clothes according to the theme or dress code that has been determined. Also pay attention to the comfort factor of the clothing material because you will be wearing it for a fairly long duration.

If you have limited funds, you don’t have to buy it. You can just rent clothes for you to wear at graduation. Even if you have relatives or friends who have clothes according to the theme, there’s nothing wrong with trying to borrow them. This method is certainly more economical.

Don’t forget to also prepare other supporting equipment such as shoes and other accessories.

2. Don’t forget make up

Look attractive and fresh at graduation, of course. If you want to apply makeup at the salon, make sure you make an appointment beforehand to avoid the possibility of a full salon schedule considering that many people will apply makeup on the same day.

But of course you can also apply your own makeup if you are confident enough in your abilities. Asking friends or family who have makeup skills can also be an alternative to avoid queues at the salon.

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3. Tell your family or close people

You certainly want to share this happy moment with your family, right? Tell your family about your graduation date. Avoid sudden notifications that can cause schedule conflicts that make your family or close people unable to attend the graduation ceremony.

Remember that they also certainly have a lot of agenda in their days. You need to give them time to arrange a schedule so they can accompany you when you graduate.

4. Prepare the photographer

There are many ways to capture your graduation moments in the form of photos or videos. Plan well for this need some time in advance. Some people even hire the services of a professional photographer to get beautiful photos and videos.

But you don’t have to do the same. You can ask your family or friends for help to do this task, provided that he is indeed willing to help you so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to pay for a photographer.

But you should choose friends who do have good enough skills so that the photos and videos do not disappoint. Don’t forget to keep giving him a tired replacement.

5. Practice

It’s a good idea to pay close attention to the graduation process during the rehearsal so that you can follow it well later. There’s nothing wrong with practicing so that it’s no longer awkward when running it on D-day.

Although it seems easy, sometimes on the D-day confusion arises if the participants do not pay attention to the order of events that must be followed.

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In addition to the things above, you need to maintain your physical condition to stay fit at graduation. Keep eating nutritious foods and get enough rest.