September 27, 2022

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5 Frequently Asked Questions To Yourself When Undergoing an LDR

Of course, most of you know what LDR is, because LDR is a contemporary term. LDR is Long Distance Relationship or in Indonesian means long distance relationship.

Maintaining a relationship in an LDR is certainly not easy. The distance that separates the couple provides a challenge for each partner.

Usually LDR is prone to conflict, partners are easily suspicious, trivial problems become big, often triggering quarrels. When a couple is in an LDR relationship, questions usually arise in each other’s heads. The question is self-directed. If you have experienced it, of course you are also asking yourself.

Here are some frequently asked questions of yourself when someone is in an LDR. Anything?

1. “My Girlfriend is a Device or a Human?”

One of the characteristics of an LDR couple is a gadget. This important object must be carried everywhere. The reason is, that’s the only thing that can connect with a partner. Without a device, communication practically stops completely. Devices must always be on hand. You may ask, is my boyfriend a device or a human?

2. “What’s the difference with a cellphone alarm?”

The basic question for couples who are LDR is to remind them to eat. Indeed the question sounds romantic because it always reminds this and that. However, you often feel that you don’t just need to be reminded, but a real movement. If it’s just a reminder, then what’s the difference with a cellphone alarm?

3. “Are you okay or not?”

The question above seems useless when you are in an LDR with your boyfriend and you are sick. Of course that question will not change the situation. You need help, because you are in trouble. Well, in this case it is the boyfriend who provides the assistance. Come to bring medicine for example. So if you just ask, what is the effect?

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4. “What is the Function of Dating?”

When your friends are getting married, if you are invited you usually bring your partner. But if you are in LDR? What do you want to bring? Your dating status seems useless. You may ask, then what is the function of dating?

5. “How to Check?”

The toughest test in LDR is the issue of loyalty. However, the distance still creates a sense of anxiety. What your partner does you don’t know for sure. It could be, when your partner says that he won’t mess around, he’s actually lying. How do I check?

Those are 5 questions that are often asked to yourself when undergoing LDR. How are you doing LDR? Are you even more nervous after reading this article? It’s actually normal when you’re nervous. However, try to be mature by learning to accept the situation even though it feels heavy.