December 6, 2022

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5 Foods That Are More Enjoyable When It Rains, Which Is Your Favorite?

When it rains, all activities become a little disturbed. In fact, sometimes (often) bad weather such as rain makes a person’s spirit fade.

Want to go to work so lazy, better go back to bed. I want to go to school, but it’s a shame if my shoes are dirty. As a result, he didn’t leave on the pretext of a mild illness, even though he wanted to continue watching cartoons on television.

If it’s raining, especially if your rumbling stomach hasn’t been filled, then eating food is the right thing to do. Especially if accompanied by loved ones such as girlfriends, family, or friends who almost became girlfriends. Sitting together, staring at each other while waiting for the order to arrive, then enjoying it solemnly accompanied by rampant indie music.

The foods below will actually be much more delicious when eaten when it rains, whether you’re at home, at the office, or even if you happen to be pulled over at a lesehan shop. As long as it’s not raining, there’s no work.

1. Boiled noodles

The first food whose taste is doubled when eaten with the rain is boiled noodles, the food of a million people. The cold weather that spreads to the whole body can be treated by the warm boiled noodle soup wrapped in the typical spices of the shop ladies.

If you are at home, making your own hands will certainly be much more delicious. Especially if given the chili sauce which makes the body warmer. Don’t forget the hot tea or coffee. Plenary, Lur.

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2. Fried rice

Fried rice is usually very good to enjoy at night. Especially when the sky happens to be raining. Eating fried rice in its place is immediately accompanied by the sound of raindrops, the distinctive sound of street musicians, plus the sound of passing vehicles on the streets will add warmth and serenity.

Again, you will get pleasure many times over when you eat food with the person you love the most, like with him for example.

3. Meatballs

Next is meatballs, one of the favorite foods of the Indonesian people. Actually eating meatballs in any condition or weather will feel delicious, especially with the right mix of spices. But eating meatballs when it rains seems to be the right choice because the taste will increase.

The taste is really good, plus the rainy atmosphere that makes me feel good, of course, it feels even more perfect. I didn’t want to immediately finish the bowl of meatballs. Especially with hot tea added.

4. Seblak

When the weather is cold, like in the rainy season, it seems that people will prefer to eat food that has a spicy or warm sensation, and seblak is no exception.

Not only in West Java, now seblak has touched all corners of the archipelago. Eating seblak on a rainy day will be much more tempting. Especially when accompanied by a warm drink that adds a warm sensation on the tongue. Try it!

5. Noodle shake

For those of you who don’t know, so this noodle shake is a noodle dish that has a beef broth taste typical of the city of Bandung. In the past, I used to often eat shake noodles because someone near my house sells it. Mie shake usually contains a fairly spicy taste (according to taste actually).

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In the shake noodles are also usually given the typical small meatballs, there is also kikil. Eating whipped noodles will feel much more delicious with the rain while occasionally eating the tantalizing sauce.

Eating food on a rainy day is likely to increase the enjoyment many times over, especially foods labeled spicy. If the food is spicy, then its friend is a warm drink. Raindrops outside will add warmth to the soul. The stomach is full, the heart is calm.