September 27, 2022

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5 Facts about MTs Students in Kotamobagu Killed Allegedly Bullied by Friends, Public: Hopefully there will be justice

The world of Indonesian education has been tarnished again because of the disgraceful behavior of several students at one of the State MTs in Kotamogabu, North Sulawesi Province. How could I not, when the government and other concern in the world of education is eager to combat the practice bullying or bullying, nine students at the local MTs actually did this disgraceful thing, causing the death of one student with the initials BT who was 13 years old.

Of course, this is a hard slap to the world of Indonesian education, which has begun to improve and abandon harmful physical violence. Well, to be a lesson here are the facts about the incident.

1. The perpetrators numbered nine people

Quoted from Voice of West SumatraThe number of perpetrators of bullying that caused BT’s death was 9 people. The victim, who was in 7th grade of MTs or equivalent to 7th grade of SMP, was suddenly attacked by 9 other students. Due to being outnumbered, the victim finally could only surrender when he received such uncivilized treatment.

2. Chronology of Events

The incident began on Wednesday (8/6/2022) when the victim of BT finished doing her school exam and was about to perform the midday prayer at the school mosque. However, suddenly there was one student who covered his face with a prayer rug. The shock from BT hasn’t gone away yet, nine perpetrators of bullying are suspected of committing maltreatment in that place. The victim, whose hands were tied, received repeated beatings from the perpetrators, until he winced in pain.

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After the incident, the victim felt pain in the stomach, and told her parents about the incident. By his family, the victim was then taken to the Pomkulturn Hospital for treatment on Saturday (11/6/2022) and was diagnosed with an intestinal disorder so he had to be referred to Prf. RD. Kandou in Manado City. But unfortunately, despite receiving medical treatment including surgery, BT’s life could not be saved and was declared dead on Sunday (12/06/2022)

3. Not the only victim

After BT’s death, one by one the facts about violence in this school began to emerge. What made the public stroke their chests was that there were other victims who were also bullied. Apart from BT, who eventually died, at least four other victims have spoken out and claimed to have experienced the same thing.

4. Handling the Authorities

After learning about the news of bullying at the school, the Kotamogabu police took quick action. Adapted from the page Voice of West SumatraHead of Kotamogabu Police AKBP Irham Halid through Head of Public Relations Iptu I Dewa Adiyatna, Monday (13/6/2022) stated that his party was currently handling the case, and one of the developments of the case, they found at least four other victims in this bullying case.

5. Warganet’s Response

Responding to the incident that touched the heart, netizens flocked to respond. Although expressed in various ways and languages, all of them lead to one agreement, namely to condemn this uncivilized act.

For example, in account upload @AREAJULID, Warganet responded with various tasting sentences. Like account @bigw*** which states that this case is not bullying but murder. “This is a murder,” he wrote.

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This comment is also approved by the account kag*** who wrote the answer “That’s right, murder under the guise of bullying” which further confirms that it has entered the realm of serious crime.

While the kap*** account focuses more on the recompense for the perpetrators. “Innalillahi. Hopefully this case gets justice,” write in the comments column.

Whatever the reason, bullying according to the public cannot be justified, especially if the act causes someone to lose their life. The public hopes that the case of this MTs student gets justice.