October 1, 2022


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5 Facts about Erika Carlina’s View on FWB, Number 3 Makes You Shock!

Artist as well as model and internet celebrity, Erika Carlina, shared her views on the problem of today’s terms, namely Friends with Benefits. This beautiful celebrity who was born on August 10, 1993 has become one of the actors who starred in the film “Srimulat: Hil the Mustahal”.

What is FWB? Quoted from the Journal of Testing Relationship Satisfaction Through Intimacy and Feelings of Jealousy in Friends with Benefits Relationship Actors written by Putu Yunita Trisna Dewi and M. Arief Sumantri (2020:115), FWB is a friendly relationship of the opposite sex that involves sex without commitment, feelings, love, and encouragement towards romantic relationships.

FWB is very different from dating. FWB is more inclined to a relationship that is not tied to status but shares benefits or advantages in terms of sexuality. Couples who have agreed to do FWB are usually also not emotionally attached. They are free to have partners outside of their FWB partners.

Behind this beautiful face with exotic skin, there is a unique view of some contemporary terms, namely friends with benefits and one night stand on Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel. Erika Carlina appeared and shared her views with Deddy Corbuzier.

1. Understanding FWB Questions

Erika Carlina (instagram: @eri.carl)

According to Erika Carlina, FWB is a benefit that is given more to ‘different assistance’.

“If you say FWB right now, it looks like the benefits are different, omg, the fall doesn’t help, it helps others,” said the beauty who was once sent a private message via Instagram by singer Charlie Puth quoting from the Youtube channel Deddy Corbuzier (22/06/2022 ).

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2. There is a difference between FWB and ONS

Erika Carlina (instagram : @eri.carl)
Erika Carlina (instagram : @eri.carl)

The view of the girl who is nicknamed the Queen of Senoparty regarding FWB and ONS is very different. for him, friends with benefits must start from several stages. First you have to get acquainted first, then make friends, then you can become friends with benefits. There is no status like “dating” in this kind of relationship.

While his opinion about ONS or one night stand different. “Well, if it’s a one night stand, uncle, if it’s tonight with him, maybe tomorrow it won’t be with him,” said Erika Carlina on Deddy Corbuzier’s youtube channel.

3. FWB is not the same as free sex

Erika Carlina (instagram: @eri.carl)
Erika Carlina (instagram: @eri.carl)

Erika Carlina has her own opinion about FWB and free sex. According to him, the two things have differences. “If free sex may be wide, yes, very broad, yes, it can be here and there,” he said.

4. Don’t like FWB’s

Erika Carlina (instagram : @eri.carl)
Erika Carlina (instagram/@eri.carl)

Although she has a unique view on FWB, this girl who is 176 cm tall is not the type of girl who wants to have a beneficial relationship but without that status. He prefers relationships that have romance, not only about sexual relations without status.

“If I’m a very lazy child, it means something like, if possible, don’t have a one night stand, don’t friends with benefits, want pdkt. So that means I like it. I don’t want to waste it. Time, time is wasted,” said the beautiful girl who also works as a model on Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel (22/02/2022).

5. Ever been curious about a man’s kiss at the beginning of the meeting

Erika Carlina (instagram : @eri.carl)
Erika Carlina (instagram : @eri.carl)

Erika Carlina revealed that she was curious at the beginning of the meeting because the man looked attractive, handsome and tall, also had a nice body, so the beautiful girl was curious about how it would feel if she kissed the man.

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“If I’m curious, I’ve also been like that, because of this, the nature of men, the nature of men I’ve ever known, the first meeting was like ouch, I think this is interesting, tall handsome, good body, I’m curious, kisses Isn’t it good, isn’t it,” said the girl who was born in Cilacap, Central Java.

That’s Erika Carlina’s opinion about FWB.