December 6, 2022

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5 Facts about Breakfast that You Should Know, Don’t Underestimate

Never skip breakfast. Breakfast before 9 is important. Professor of the Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Prof. Hardinsyah said a healthy breakfast is done before 9 am, this is important as a source of energy before starting activities in the morning.

He explained the reason why breakfast before 9 am, because one hour before work activities begin, blood sugar levels in the body begin to decrease, to prevent this, nutrients obtained from breakfast are needed on time.

Excerpted from the book entitled The Importance of Breakfast for Healthy Living written by the Tempo Data and Analysis Center Team, the following are five magical facts that we must know about the importance of having breakfast on time.

1. Not having breakfast can make your stomach empty

One of the reasons why we can’t skip or skipping breakfast is because during the eight to nine hours of sleep, our stomachs will be empty. Therefore, we need food intake to supply energy before going through a busy day.

2. Not having breakfast can cause stress

When we skip breakfast, we usually experience stress for no reason throughout the day. Eating a healthy and proper diet in the morning can keep mood to stay well until lunch time.

3. Breakfast can balance your weight

Experts state that a healthy and proper breakfast can make a balanced body weight. There is one study that shows that a woman who always skips breakfast is usually actually fatter than a woman who always eats breakfast.

4. Breakfast can control blood sugar levels

When we just wake up, our blood sugar levels will decrease or be in a less condition. This will make us sluggish. Therefore, it is very important to always have a healthy breakfast every morning to control blood sugar levels to keep it balanced.

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5. Not having breakfast causes you to get sick easily

Skipping breakfast can cause autoimmune disorders. This can occur due to a lack of nutrition and energy needed by the body as fuel to carry out daily activities. So, make sure to always have a healthy and proper breakfast.

It is important for all of us to meet a balanced nutrition before starting the day. If we just skip breakfast, it’s the same as leaving our stomach on an empty state until noon.