September 28, 2022

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5 Characteristics of Men Who Are Infatuated With You, Until Your Social Media Stalking!

The heart is a mystery. Sometimes there is a man who is so in love with a woman to death. Sometimes this love is still in a normal stage, but there are also times when it has reached an alarming stage, when it interferes with privacy and makes you uncomfortable.

Curious if there is a man who is crazy about you? To check it, you can identify the following characteristics. Let’s check it out!

1. Follow you often

People who fall in love want to always be close to their loved ones, right? So, no wonder this is what men will do when they are infatuated with women.

Wherever you go he is always there. While eating in the cafeteria, met him. When he was in the library, he was there too. Anyway after you think about it everywhere you always meet his face.

2. stalking your social media

An infatuated man will want to know your every activity. One way is to do stalking your social media.

Is your male friend who always updates give likes or comments every time you upload something? Or, he always subscribes to see stories on your social media? Well, maybe he likes you, you know.

3. If you like to talk for a long time

People who like you will try to prolong the conversation. Especially if the goal is not to linger with you. So, try to check again if you have a male friend who likes to chat for a long time. Whether it’s when we meet face to face, through chat, or when calling. His attitude can be a signal that he is crazy about you, you know.

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4. Never absent when you need help

To captivate the heart of the woman he loves, a man will always try to be there when you need him. That’s why, every time you ask him for help, it’s never rejected. Even though he didn’t have time, he still had the time.

5. Know the details about you

A man who is crazy about you will try to find out details about you. Starting from when is your birthday, what food do you like, color you hate, and so on. He can get this information directly from the chat with you, or from the people closest to you.

How, from the signs earlier, do you have a male friend like that? Wow, if there is, it means he has a crush on you, you know!