December 6, 2022

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5 Characteristics of Arrogant People on Social Media, Are You One?

Arrogance is a bad attitude, but it is also difficult for people who do it to be aware of it. This arrogance does not only occur in the real world, but often occurs in social media as well. So, what are the characteristics of arrogant people on social media?

1. Post everything you get

Appreciating yourself is important. But bragging is not good. Posting everything you get is one of the arrogant attitudes shown on social media. Have this and that, should not need to be public consumption, right?

2. Exaggerating what is done

Exaggerating everything is one of the hallmarks of arrogance. For example, posting a new watch multiple times a day, accompanied by a caption showing the price and how to get it. Instead of inspiring, it often makes others feel ilfeel.

3. Not replying to DM

DM or direct message is a message sent through social media. Friendly people will usually reply to anyone who sends them a DM. But when you become a person who is reluctant to reply to DMs from other people, especially if that person was a friend or colleague in the past, that’s a sign that you are an arrogant person. Even though you have been successful and have been at the top, it doesn’t mean you forget the people who have struggled with you, right?

4. Not replying to comments

As with DM, comments can also be made by anyone. If you are reluctant to reply to comments from old friends and only care about your current business partners, that means you are already an arrogant person. Even if you don’t have time, as much as possible you should try to greet people who still remember you. Even you should be grateful because they still care about you even though they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

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5. Always feel rivaled

Arrogant people always feel rivaled by others who behave or get the same luck. He will always assume that what other people post is a competition. And he will always show that his abilities or things are far greater and meaningful than other people’s.

Those are the 5 characteristics of arrogant people on social media. Are you included?