December 6, 2022

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5 Causes Someone Likes To Procrastinate, Are You Too?

It seems that everyone already knows that procrastination is not a good thing. Even so, in fact there are still many who do.

Maybe you’re wondering why, yes, someone can procrastinate? There are several reasons behind it, and you can find out through the discussion below!

1. Perfectionist type

Perfectionists usually procrastinate often. Paying too much attention to details in order to produce flawless work actually makes the work unfinished.

Often times due to frustration, you procrastinate. Wait until mood well back again, just done again.

2. Too busy talking

Too busy devising plans without any action will only be useless. Your various ideas will only end up being a discourse, because they are not implemented.

It’s better to have a plan that isn’t very well thought out but is implemented, than to think about it that way but not start with it. When other people have run, you are still walking in place.

3. Worried about rejection

The next reason why someone is accustomed to procrastinating, is worrying too much. Too afraid of rejection, making him wait for the guts or the right time to do it later.

Unfortunately, the best time is now. If you wait later, it won’t happen. Therefore, from now on there is no need to think about things. Alright, just do it, okay? Even if you are rejected, at least your heart is calm because you have tried.

4. Make it easy

overthinking it’s not good. However, taking it easy can also be bad. Underestimating the task too much so that doing it later can actually be difficult for you.

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I don’t feel it, I know it’s approaching deadline. Just now, you’re in a quandary because a task that should be done casually has to be rushed because the deadline is already tight.

5. Not logical

Too high expectations are also another reason why many people procrastinate. Setting illogical targets causes feelings of being overwhelmed, and ultimately self-stressing. Because the mind is depressed, so lazy to start. In the end, nothing was done.

Now that you know, what can encourage procrastination? Hopefully by recognizing the cause, you can avoid it. Procrastination is not good!