December 6, 2022

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5 Causes People Feel Envy, Ever Experienced?

Envy is a feeling that cannot be denied. Although that is not a good thing. In some cases, we feel that we cannot accept the good side of everything that happens. In fact, if viewed from a simpler side, there is nothing that cannot be accepted.

So, what causes someone to feel jealous of other people?

1. How to get something

We often feel envious of someone by the way they get things. In our view, other people can get what they want easily. In fact, we just don’t know the process behind it all.

For example, when you see a neighbor buying a new motorbike. In our view, it is easy for neighbors to buy something expensive. It’s easy for them to make money. In fact, we just don’t know how they skimp and work hard to get everything they want.

2. How to be accepted

Life is inseparable from interacting with other people. Whether it’s family, friends, or neighbors. Often for whatever reason, we feel that the way other people are accepted by many others seems more pleasant.

Then, we will continue to think and reflect on the faults that are within us. Trying to look for it which then causes feelings of inferiority and more closed off from others.

In fact, often this is because we rarely mingle, interact with other people when we are in a bad mood, and so on.

3. Feeling that other people love you more

To be loved by others is what everyone wants. So it is not uncommon for some of us to feel jealous when we see others who love much more.

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Feeling jealous just because of the number of people who like it, will only make heart disease. So, when you come across the same thing, don’t think too much about it. Even if not many people care about your presence, you can love yourself much better.

4. Feeling other people are much better

Feeling that other people are much better off can lead to two feelings. The first is being motivated, while the second is feeling jealous. Unfortunately, more and more people are jealous of the good things that happen to other people.

5. Lack of self approach with God

Someone who has a good closeness to God will be more grateful for the life he is living. Therefore, they can minimize feelings of envy into feelings that are better processed. Humans who have less closeness to their God are easier to see things from the bad side. This makes jealousy unavoidable.

Those are 5 causes of envy that can arise in our hearts. Hopefully we can deal with it wisely, yes!