September 27, 2022

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5 Causes of Weight Loss and How to Overcome It

For some people who experience unplanned weight loss will cause its own worries. Plus, often we don’t know what the cause is, so it might make someone confused.

If you want to know the cause, you can check with your doctor, if your weight has decreased drastically. However, if you want to know what the possible causes of weight loss are, take a look at the reviews summarized from healthline, prevention, and the following.

1. Depression

depression illustration ( Summer)

Maybe without realizing it, you are feeling depressed due to many things, such as because of work to assignments from campus. The occurrence of depression will cause side effects such as loss of appetite to lose weight.

Irritability, heavy alcohol drinker, feeling indecisive in dealing with various things, to sleep problems are other common symptoms of depression. If you experience these symptoms and are accompanied by weight loss, you may be depressed. You can immediately consult a doctor or psychiatrist to deal with further depression.

diabetes illustration ( Podrez)
diabetes illustration ( Podrez)

Another cause of unplanned weight loss is type 1 diabetes. If you have type 1 diabetes, your immune system will fight the cells in your pancreas that make insulin.

Without insulin, your body cannot use glucose to produce energy. So it can cause high blood sugar.

There are several common causes of type 1 diabetes, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive thirst and hunger

3. Have an overactive thyroid

active thyroid illustration ( Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Jeremy L. Wood.)
active thyroid illustration ( Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Jeremy L. Wood.)

If you have an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism, your thyroid gland will make too much thyroid hormone. This hormone will usually control many functions in a person’s body, such as metabolism.

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Well, when the thyroid becomes overactive, you will burn calories too quickly even when you have a good appetite. As a result of this condition, you will lose weight that has decreased unintentionally.

4. Having celiac disease

celiac disease illustration ( Djurin)
celiac disease illustration ( Djurin)

Furthermore, a possible cause of unplanned weight loss is that you have celiac disease or an autoimmune disorder that ingests gluten so that it can damage the small intestine.

With these conditions, the cause can be weight loss and sometimes accompanied by other GI symptoms, such as bloating to diarrhea preventionif you have this disease and eat gluten, then your immune system will react quite strangely.

This reaction can wreak havoc on the lining of the small intestine and hinder the small intestine’s ability to help properly absorb nutrients.

5. Cancer

cancer writing illustration ( Tarazevich)
cancer writing illustration ( Tarazevich)

It may be caused by several types of cancer, tumors, to ulcers in the stomach or intestines, so that it can cause inflammatory problems that can lose weight.

The occurrence of tumors in the esophagus can also be the initial cause of weight loss, because this condition can make it difficult for you to swallow food or drinks.

How to fix it

stethoscope illustration ( Space)
stethoscope illustration ( Space)

Quoted from National Health Service, you can overcome unplanned weight loss based on the cause. The doctor will ask about your health and perform several tests until scans.

The following may be done by the doctor depending on the cause, namely:

  • tell you about things that can help like how to reduce stress
  • Recommend treatments based on the condition you are experiencing so that you lose weight
  • Refer you to a specialist for further treatment
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Some of the causes that make weight loss mentioned above, one of which can happen to you. If you want to know the cause more clearly and in detail, you can check with a doctor, so that it can be treated appropriately