October 1, 2022


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5 Causes of Feeling Stranger at Work, Have You Ever Experienced It?

To make ourselves comfortable at work, we are encouraged to mingle with people at work. Starting from co-workers, bosses, to clients or consumers. This is so that we feel at home and are not tormented while working.

Even so, for some people, especially those with introverted personalities, blending in with other people is not an easy matter. Sometimes we actually feel alienated when we are at work. Whether it’s just our feelings or also felt by others.

This foreign feeling should be removed immediately because it can affect mood we are at work. In fact, we can become uncomfortable working in that place.

Here are 5 reasons to feel isolated at work.

1. Short Working Time

Normally, the relationship will get better and closer over time. Starting from not knowing each other to being friends who often interact together. So when we are new to work in that place, it is natural that we feel like strangers.

This condition is also felt by people who often change workplaces either because of changing companies or mutations in the same company.

The adaptation time required for each person to cope with alienation in a new place varies, depending on the personality and conditions of the workplace itself.

2. Different Positions and Responsibilities

In the workplace there are usually several teams or divisions with different tasks and responsibilities. Usually, we will tend to be closer to co-workers who are on the same team as us. Meanwhile, with people from other teams who have different tasks, we tend not to get along very well.

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This is because we interact more with people on our own team. So, do not be surprised if in the workplace there are more people who have different positions and responsibilities, we will feel alienated.

3. Rarely Communicate

Communication is the key to a relationship. If communication is good, then the relationship will be good. However, if we rarely communicate, it will be difficult for us to establish good relationships. As a result, we will feel like strangers. Therefore, try to communicate with people in our workplace.

4. Personal Difference

When we meet people who have something in common with us, there will be a sense of compatibility that makes the relationship more intimate. However, if there are differences in each other’s personalities, it will be difficult to familiarize themselves, so that they will be like strangers who do not need each other.

5. No Joint Activities

Working with people at work is important for building intimacy. For example, by holding a sporting event together or family gathering. However, if there are no joint activities that we do, intimacy becomes more difficult to establish.

Here are 5 reasons why we feel isolated at work. Have you ever experienced it?