December 6, 2022

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5 Causes of a Dull Face Even though You Have Been Diligently Using Skincare

Have you used expensive skincare, haven’t you? glowing even more dull? Well, it turns out that cases like this don’t just happen to you. There are many people who have experienced the same thing. In the video uploaded by dr.Danar Wicaksono, MSc., Sp.DV on his personal Instagram page, he explains this is the reason why his face remains dull even though he feels he is diligent in using skincare!

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen

When doing facial care, sunscreen is a basic skincare that is mandatory and should not be abandoned. Because sunscreen is so important, if you ask a dermatologist and beautician, everyone will agree that this one is one of the priority things for your skin. Because UV exposure is real and its effects can be bad for the skin to cause cancer.

2. Inappropriate use of skincare

Well, I was so enthusiastic about wanting to glow and being diligent in using skincare, everything was used and applied to the face. This will actually make the skincare effect not optimal. There are rules in its own use. Use sparingly, don’t overdo it and do it regularly. Because the effect of skincare can’t be like a day’s magic. In addition, make sure that the skincare is indeed suitable for your skin and has BPOM!

3. Less Drinking Water

The thing that is no less important than using skincare regularly and consistently is the portion you drink. Not consuming enough water will have a negative impact on your body and your skin. The skin will be drier due to dehydration, the appearance of acne, and also makes the skin look dull.

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4. Stress

There are times when taking care of the skin is also stressful. The money has been spent, the results have not been seen, and the world continues to dwarf itself which does not glow. Of course this makes you think. However, when it comes to taking care of our skin, we have to take it easy. Because the more stressed you are, the skin problems will not improve, and can end up getting worse or break out.

5. Doesn’t Clean Your Face Well

Well, not cleaning your face properly is also the biggest reason behind our dull skin! If we do not do proper cleaning, of course, dead skin cells will accumulate in our epidermis layer and make it dull.

Use a facial soap that is suitable for your skin, don’t be too harsh in scrubbing your face, and rinse until the foam is completely gone. You can also use a face mask and scrub every 2 weeks for maximum results.

So many reviews above. Hopefully it can be useful for readers in caring for the skin!