September 27, 2022

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5 Benefits of Meniran Plants for Health and How to Process It

For those of us who live in the tropics, it is very easy to find a type of shrub called meniran or latin name phyllantus niruri this. This plant is easy to grow in open places and sandy loose soil, both in the fields and on the banks of rivers.

Meniran is easy to find on the sidelines of the grass in the yard or field. The properties contained in this plant are extraordinary. Almost all of its parts have benefits for the treatment of various diseases.

Here are five benefits of meniran leaves for health and how to process them based on written sources: S. Wibowo, Magic Herbs.

1. Overcoming Burns

Meniran helps overcome burns. The trick, take 3-7 meniran plant stems, complete from leaves to roots. Add one ginger rhizome and three dried clove flowers. Then, add a piece of cinnamon.

All the ingredients are then ground until smooth, then boiled using three glasses of water. Let it boil. Then apply on the affected area.

2. Relieves Cough

Meniran helps relieve cough. The trick, take 3-7 complete meniran stems from the roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Add honey to taste, then pounded until smooth, then boiled using a quarter cup of clean water. Stir the ingredients until evenly distributed. Then, drink twice a day.

3. Helps Break Up Kidney Stones

In addition, meniran also helps break up kidney stones in the urinary tract. The trick, take 30 grams of fresh meniran, and wash thoroughly. Boil using four glasses of clean water. Add the spoon leaves and tempuyung leaves, and let it boil until the remaining half.

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Cool a few moments, then strain. Consume regularly twice a day, morning and evening, one glass each, until kidney stones heal.

4. Overcoming Malaria

Meniran helps overcome malaria. The trick, take seven complete meniran plant stems, add five clove flower seeds and a piece of cinnamon. Mash the ingredients until smooth, then boil using two cups of clean water. Drink twice a day.

5. Cure Inflammation of the Urinary Gland

Lastly, meniran helps heal inflammation in the urinary glands. The trick, take 30 grams of meniran leaves, wash thoroughly, add cat whiskers leaves. Boil the mixture using three cups of clean water, let it boil until the remaining half.

Cool a few moments, then strain. Drink regularly three times a day, each half a glass.

Here are five benefits of the meniran plant for health along with the recipe for treatment. May be useful.