August 8, 2022

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5 Benefits of Listening to Music that Can Increase Intelligence

Listening to music is a common thing that most people do, even some people make music a part of their life. Some people find it suitable to listen to music in any activity they do, such as driving, walking, studying, or even using music as a lullaby. But did you realize that music can actually contribute to overall health and wellness? Music has various benefits for the body, mind, and mental health. Here are the benefits of listening to music, that you need to know!

1. Relieves stress

Everyone has experienced stressful situations, and stress is often taken for granted. Although it looks trivial, stress can cause many diseases in the body. Listening to music and enjoying it can lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can fight chronic stress. People who like to make music and play various instruments and sing will experience a strong immune system boost, than people who just listen passively.

2. Can improve verbal intelligence

Teaching children with a song, can increase verbal intelligence significantly. This is because music has a transfer effect, which can improve a child’s ability to understand words and explain their meanings. In addition, remembering something by converting it into a song or music will stick to the brain and make it easier to remember.

3. Increase creativity

Creativity is one of the important soft skills that must be possessed today. Listening to pleasant or relaxing music such as classical music can increase your calm and enthusiasm, so that your brain can focus more on finding new ideas. That way, creativity will increase by itself, which can allow us to create something better and solve a problem.

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4. As a treatment for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia will receive music therapy as a treatment. Music therapy will help restore lost memories by improving cognition for people with dementia. While the use of music for people with Alzheimer’s, is to relieve symptoms of anxiety, anxiety, and hallucinations.

5. Improve sleep quality

If you suffer from insomnia, you can try listening to relaxing music like classical music as a lullaby. Music has a calming effect on listeners, so those who use music as a lullaby will get a good night’s sleep. The type of music that can make you relax, depends on your taste in music.

That was the benefit of listening to music. Listening to music is not a useless thing to do and a waste of time, if it is done in conjunction with other useful activities.