August 8, 2022

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5 Benefits of Infused Water, a Healthy Drink Trend

Lately, trend infused water began to develop and much in demand by the public. Infused water itself can be interpreted as a method of obtaining nutrients and flavors from organic materials through a natural infusion process. Infused water become a trend because of its easy and practical manufacture, attractive packaging, and many health benefits.

Some advantages infused water compared to packaged drinks lies in its content. Packaged drinks usually have been added with various kinds of food additives such as preservatives and flavours, while infused water which are made by themselves are free from all these additives. Infused water also generally last longer than juice.

Based on the book written by Feri Sulianta published by Rapha Publishing entitled The Wonders of Water & Fruit in One: Infused Water, the following five benefits or myriad goodness from iinfused water for our health.

1. Hydration

Infused water It has an attractive and aesthetic appearance, especially if it is put in a suitable bottle or container. We can place this drink on our desk or anywhere that we can reach our eyes. Thus, we will also drink more often.

The more water that enters our bodies, the more hydrated our bodies will be and we will be more ready to do various physical activities such as exercising or working.

2. Nutrition

Infused water can be the right liquid medium to prepare various nutrients needed by the body. Our body consists of various small cells that can function properly if the nutritional needs are met.

Infused water can carry more nutrients than ordinary water so that it will be more easily absorbed by body cells. We can also determine the best nutritional composition ourselves, such as the combination of fruits that we like.

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3. Detoxification

Water and fruit that infuse can work together to clean the pile of toxins in our bodies. Infused water Fresh and regularly consumed can also increase the immune ability in the body, this is thanks to the antioxidant content found in the skin of the fruit used.

4. Low sugar

Infused water which we make ourselves at home, of course without the addition of various food additives such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Unlike juices and packaged drinks, iinfused water can be the right choice to maintain the intake of sugar levels for the body.

5. Stabilize body temperature

About seventy percent of the human body consists of fluids, so the hydration process is very important needed by the body to maintain balance. drinking iinfused water regularly and every day can help maintain a stable body temperature in the midst of uncertain weather.

Those are the five benefits that we can get if we consume infused water routinely. We can also be creative while maintaining a healthy body through iinfused water. Are you interested in making it?